Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nothing is more alarming than discovering that at one time, perhaps, your parents were quite hip

As I have mentioned a million times, I read a lot of design blogs and home blogs, and I love when they feature tours of nice homes. I have noticed a number of pieces that keep popping up in these fabulously hip and fashion-abled homes that are things that my parents have. These mid-century things, which are so hip now, again (and I admit my own attraction to the mid-century style). Things they have always had, just there. Things I have thought are weird. It makes me realize that once upon a time, my own parents were hip.

Exhibit A: Lisa Larson lion:

I grew up with this weird lion, with its big head and smile. I have wondered why do my parents have this weird, big-headed lion? It isn't like the other tchotkes my parents have. I think it must have been a gift. I can't imagine my mom admiring a big-headed lion and deciding to buy it. I see them on ebay for sale, and I saw one featured in a stylish person's home.

Exhibit B: Thonet rocking chair:

I'm not sure my parents have a real Thonet rocking chair, it may be a knock-off. It looks like this, though. I pointed out to my mom that her rocking chair is hip, as seen in blogs, and she says that if I had a car I could take it and put it in the nursery when I have my house in Peekskill. Maybe I will. I should keep that email where she said I could take it, in case one day she tries to deny me. This chair takes up so much space though, which I guess a lot of rocking chairs do. I'm not even sure I have had a seat on it in the last 15 years - right now its primary purpose is to hold my clothes when I go home, since it sits in my bedroom at home.

Exhibit C: Kaj Franck mushroom bowl:

People on the internet go crazy trying to buy these. My mom's fancy mushroom bowl sits under her sink at the cottage. She is so hip that she doesn't care.

Don't worry, mom, I'm not coming to take your hip things. Except the rocking chair, maybe, one day. Its actually other weird mid-century things in your house that I like best, and unfortunately I don't have photos.

Imagine Item 1: The weird/creepy owl incense burner.

I have never seen my parents burn incense. Should I be suspicious that my parents ever wanted to burn incense? Were that that kind of hip? I suppose that if you were to burn incense in this owl, smoke would billow out of its eye-holes, and also out of its angry sharp teeth. Doesn't this thing sound awesome? It totally is.

Imagine Item 2: The antelope chair.

Low-sitting, wood-frame and leather. I have never found a photo of a chair that's like their chair, but imagine the chair love-child of these two other chairs:

Is it really called the antelope chair? I don't know, I've always thought it was called that. It is leather, but I doubt antelope leather. Too bad Miles has scratched it all to hell, maybe he thought he was killing an antelope.

Well, mom and dad, congratulations on having such good taste 40ish years ago! Who knew you had it in you? So, what time should I come with the U-haul? I kid! Except about the rocking chair - you said I could take it.

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