Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday Shenanigans

As I mentioned yesterday, Saturday morning I went to Ikea to pick up some things. Well, I went to pick up one thing - a frame - and picked up a couple other thing as well. H. stayed home, and without him to try and stop me - I brought home some unexpected Ikea items. Oops. I told him that he was lucky I forgot my glasses when I went - otherwise I would have seen many more things that I didn't realize I needed so badly.

My number one intention was to pick up a frame for a poster that my lovely sister in law gave us. It's an odd shape, and it was in our pile of things to get professionally framed for a year. Recently though, I discover an awesome website: Frames by Mail - where you can order frames and mattes to order, they ship them to you, and you assemble them yourself. Awesomeness. I ordered a matte to fit my print into a standard Ikea frame. $12! That's a deal. And then I picked up a Ribba frame from Ikea. It looks really great - but don't look too closely or you will see a few cat hairs that got into the frame. Izzy likes to help with these things. I then rearranged a number of little prints and things into a gallery wall around the new picture in our bedroom, and I'm really happy with the result.

We had the little ones up before, and we weren't really happy with the result. The new poster (the whale) kind of anchors the whole thing to a much better effect. The two little yellow pictures under the whale are also in Frames by Mail frames, if you're interested.

If my lamps arrive tomorrow, I'll be able to share more Ikea shenanigans with you. See you then!

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