Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spirit Animals

I'm not joking when I say that we are running out of wall space for all my posters and prints. The ones I obsessively buy. Wall to picture ratio is tight! But still I browse websites like Poster Cabaret. Yesterday I stumbled on a poster I kind of feel like I have to own.

This is The Crab and the Fox by Eleanor Grosch. Why do I have to have it, besides that I just like it? Because crabs and foxes are totally my spirit animals! No, not really. What do spirit animals do? And what would it mean if mine were two creatures with a propensity for eating garbage and dead stuff? For being cranky and sneaky? I guess that is a bit like me, but the truth is that I like crabs and foxes simply because they both rhyme with names I have or have had, and so I feel close to them. Like, if I were cartoonified I would be called Crabby Fox. Because that's pretty close to my real name. Or my original name, before I got married. So, I want this poster. Crabby Fox.

I also want every single Charley Harper poster they sell. But one day, when I win the lottery and decide to blow lots of money on a Charley Harper print, its going to be on this one which is called "Love From Above" and costs a mere $1,700.

Sigh. It's so sweet. I would put it in my theoretical nursery in my imaginary house in the Hudson Valley. Because everything about the picture is sweet - even that its called "Love From Above". Sigh.

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