Wednesday, February 9, 2011

With Baited Breath!

This morning I turned on my computer and immediately checked the status of my lamps. Still stuck in Secaucus? No! In Brooklyn! Out for delivery! Finally!

Our UPS delivery sometimes comes after 6pm, when we're home - but sometimes it comes before 6pm, and we get a sad notice from UPS that they'll try again. I couldn't bear the thought of waiting any longer, so all day I tracked my packages, refreshing the tracking screen every five minutes to make sure they were still on their way. So tense! As the day moved along, and my packages were still on the truck, I grew ever more nervous that UPS might attempt a delivery before we got home from work. Refresh, refresh, refresh! 4:30 - delivery made! What? They left my boxes at the door. Scary! This is not the kind of neighborhood where you leave a package (or two) at the front door! Lordy lord. I left work at 5:01, anxious to rescue my lamps from a pack of lamp thieves. This is what I believe the teenagers do these days - steal lamps. Tension!

I got home in record time, but H. beat me here, and he found a note on the front door that said "basement". Nice, UPS. They had cleverly hidden my lamps at the door to the basement, and H. found them there safe and sound. My lamps are here!

We unpacked our lamps and carefully placed them in their new homes, only to realize that we had no light bulbs. Deary, deary me. I hopped across the street, and being a good girl, bought some energy-saving light bulbs. Have you seen these things? They're awful! They produce a hospital-like glow. I'm sorry, Planet Earth, I cannot have these. For today though, I have them.

For your enjoyment: owl lamp in action:

Ugly glow!

Here's another with no ugly glow:

Oh, owl lamp - you do not disappoint (even if your light bulb does).

Above the owl lamp you can see part 2 of my Ikea shenanigans. I recently had a couple photos from our honeymoon blown up, and put them in Ikea frames. For all the prints and things we have up, we don't have any photos of our adventures. We're happy with the how they turned out.

In case you want a better view of the photos, they are these:

If I had more wall space I'd blow up some photos from Turkey, too. One day! When we have our house...

Back to lamps. Here is lamp number two:

Happiness is having your lamps arrive. Finally. I'll be even more happy when I buy normal light bulbs.

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