Sunday, March 6, 2011


First and foremost - do you like my header? I made it in MS Paint.

I'm thinking about new cushions for our living room couch. Right now we have plain orange ones, which are ok, but not very interesting - and they look a little shabby. I could (and might) wait until I become the master tailor that I will be once I take sewing classes, but right now I'm admiring a couple other options.

Our couch is green.

And I like cushions with some color in them, but not too much white because we're dirtballs. I'm kind of into these thnic-looking pillows from West Elm:

I think they would look nice on the green couch.

I also really like these silly dodo cushions from CB2, but they would not go with the couch. They would make me laugh though.

Same goes for this tree business (minus the laughing):
Or how about these Mongolian Lamb guys from West Elm:

They also wouldn't go with the couch, but they would be cuddly. Izzy might eat them.

The first ones are best, but I don't love any yet. Just thinking out loud....

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