Thursday, March 10, 2011

Full of awesome ideas (me)

Man, I had an awesome idea today, and H. totally isn't on board. He always holds me back!

Let me start this way. I mentioned once before that Beacon was one of the contenders for where we like to move one day. Maybe. It's a bit far - just on the cusp of too far for my liking. Across the river from Beacon is the town of Newburgh. Newburgh isn't quite as gussied-up as Beacon - in fact, it has got a ways to go, but has lots of exciting potential. So, houses there are shockingly cheap, and beautiful, but need a little work. In fact, Anna from Door Sixteen has a house in Newburgh, and chronicles her amazingly awesome work on her house. Its inspiring! Even though the closest thing to DIYing I've ever done has been assembling Ikea furniture - I'm good at that! I'm a master of the Allen key. Truly.

Anyway, Newburgh is Beacon + a ten minute ferry ride, so that adds to the commute I'm a little bit nervous about. But here's my amazing idea: buy a cheap, cheap, cheap house, quit my job and stay home and fix it while H. commutes into the city and makes money. Doesn't that sound nice? Not to H, who believes this is a plot to make him a slave. And maybe you're thinking that I'm crazy too, but let me show you something...

How about a 4 bedroom Victorian for $99k?

Potential, non? Or, we could buy it, and I could continue to work (boo) and pay for upgrades, and then when the big stuff is done I could stay home, do smaller upgrades, hang with Izzy, bake pies, etc.

Or, for a little bit more money, maybe a little bit less work, a 4-bedroom "Colonial" for $122?

It gets my mind-juices flowing dreaming about these things! H. likes to remind me of the week that I took off between jobs, when I emailed him at 10:30am Monday morning and told him I was bored of staying at home. Such nay-saying! Poor me.

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