Saturday, March 26, 2011

I think we have a winner!

No, the radio people didn't call.

I think I've found a sheet set that I want. Well, specifically, a duvet cover.

This is the Eyelet Duvet Cover from West Elm.

I was worried about white, because I believe myself to be grubby, but I think I could match this nicely with some light grey sheets, to hide my grub. Am I disgusting? Maybe. But let me tell you something - I don't do my own laundry. And H. doesn't do our laundry. We drop it off and have it done. It's our regular splurge (even though it's usually not more that $12-$15). The thing is, when you do this, they don't separate your whites, and they don't bleach them - so they get dull pretty quickly. I could do it myself, sure. But no, that's just not going to happen. I've done my time at laundromats, and that time is over.

Anyhou. The other good thing about the white duvet/pillow look is that it looks good with my Hudson Bay Blanket.

(This is not my blanket. This is one I found on Google).

We don't use this heavy-duty thing very often, only on those occasions where the landlord seems to think that heat is frivolous.

So, that's a plan. For later - after vacations and such. H. and I were thinking about our post-vacation household needs. They are, currently:

1. Skinny bookcase for the guest room.
2. One bookcase for the office
3. A shade for the office.
4. Two more lamps (one for the office, another for the bedside).

In making this list, H. said the list had to be NECESSITIES and "not more chairs". Cruel husband.

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