Friday, March 25, 2011

A post about fashion. And weather.

Weather first.

I'm keeping an eye on the weather in Vancouver and Seattle, since we're leaving in a week. And its grim.

Hi, Vancouver:

Showers, showers, showers. How about you, Seattle? What do you have to say for yourself?

Hey, that's exactly the same. Yes, I know that going to the Pacific Northwest in early spring wouldn't exactly mean sunshine, but seriously? Every day?

What I really need is for the rain bonnet to come back in style. You know what I mean? One of these:

Bring it back! My hair needs it. Stylish and functional.

Now, more about fashion. Today I spent a little bit too much money on new clothes at Anthropologie. Don't start - H. has already scolded me. However, all but one of my 5 items were on sale. AND, I have no clothes. Especially I have no shirts. You know why? Because tent-styled shirts have been too fashionable for too long. Listen, I'm a busty lady (can you say that on the internet?). I do not want to wear a tent shirt because I look like I'm wearing a muumuu. Also, I'm short-torsoed, and those long tent shirts are the worst for me! I'm tired of them. Make it stop. But Anthropologie, for some reason, had all these form-ful shirts on sale! With zippers, even! Love that. Love zippered shirts with a little stretch, because those fit persons like myself. And now I have lots of clothes to wear with my rain bonnets on vacation.

Happy Friday to you. And me.

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