Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rancho Relaxo

I was feeling pretty uninspired the other day as I browsed through recipes looking for lunch inspiration. I wanted something new, and easy. And then it hit me - I don't need recipes! I can make things on my own. Crazy. So, I had a think about what sandwiches and wraps I've seen around, and decided to copy one.

This week for lunch I made my version of a Santa Fe Chicken Wrap. I saw some dubious looking recipes, but decided to do my own thing.

Grilled chicken, kidney beans, corn, red peppers, lettuce, tomato, whole wheat wrap and a touch of fancy ranch dressing. Why fancy? H. and I sat in the supermarket and debated about which dressing to get. I wanted the fancy, refridgerated, yogurt-based, "all-natural" one. H. wanted the preserved, chemically, scary one. I won this time! Yay for "all-natural".

Do you have a minute for some more cushion-covets? These may be a little whimsical for my needs, but I'm digging these:

Thomas Paul Octopus:

Bit pricey though, that one. I'd probably feel guilty about the starving orphans somewhere if I spent $100 on a cushion...

And then I like these Etsy things.

Hitchcock, anyone? From regansbrain shop on Etsy:

She actually has lots of cute cushions.

And also on Etsy, these Canada pillow covers from Nicole Tarasick's shop are also on my Etsy favorite list:

I love revisiting my Etsy favorite list, by the way, because I have so many random things that some whim, or some brief moment of insanity prompted me to add it for future consideration. Ah, internet boredom, I am so susceptible!

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