Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zut alors!

Ah, sorry about the radio silence.

Speaking of radio...

Remember the other day when I mentioned that CBC Radio show? And how I had submitted a pitch? Well, they contacted me, and now I'm a semi-finalist. Eeps! So, I have an "audition" this week, which is a bit scary. First of all, I must re-read that book so it is fresh in my head. Second, I must learn to not be nervous, and not speak too fast. That's a problem I have. I will have to work on a calm radio voice for my audition. I'll also have to read up on Shelagh's likes and dislikes, so I don't offend her.

Alors. I have been in Montreal this week, and I'm just back. How tiring having a job is! How exhausting eating all that food is! I managed to pop into a bookstore while I was there, and snagged two books I wanted. One is not a GG book, but it won the Giller Prize last year.

And then I also grabbed the 2010 GG winner

I may take a bried rest from the GG books to read The Sentimentalists, but not before I quickly re-read my proposed CBC book. Wish me luck, and I will keep you updated on my attempt to charm Shelagh (or her people).

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