Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Carpet Seller

I've recently had a change of heart about rugs. I used to only like plain ones with solid colors. Listen, I grew up in a house with many dogs and animals, so even having a rug is a little scary for me.

Let's go back a couple years. H. and I went to Turkey back in '07, and it was awesome.

Of course it was. And of course, Turkey is all about Turkish carpets, and everywhere there are carpet-sellers. We could tell you a tale of the awesome lengths carpet-sellers in less-touristy parts of Turkey will go to sell you a carpet. Hilarious. But, we didn't have any money back then (or now), so we didn't buy any carpets. One day I'm going back, and I'm going to spend all my money on a carpet. One day!

Anyhou. When we first moved into our awesome apartment, we had discussed getting a big rug for our giant living room. We couldn't agree on anything, and then H's aunt in Pakistan gave us a lovely little rug as a wedding present.

It's lovely, and goes nicely with our furniture, though it's actually quite small in our living room (which is roughly 9x17 or so).

The other day I spotted this photo in an Apartment Therapy - the charming home of Danielle and Derek of Boston:

Love it! 

So, I've been plotting and scheming, as one does, about a similar sort of thing in our living room. I sent these to H. today:

These are all from We both like #2 best, which is also the most expensive one.
One problem with this idea is that Young Izzy likes to work his claws into rugs, sofas, chairs, legs, blankets, etc. It would be so annoying to buy a pricey rug and have the cat tear it up (though - I should point out - these are not hand-made pieces of art, these are mass-market rugs).

Incidentally, here on The Interiorist blog she seems to have had similar inspiration, and acted on it.

Anyhou, just some thoughts.

In other news, hopefully next week I'll have a nice bedroom update for you.

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  1. haha, it's a sickness. now i'm scowering ebay every minute searching for one. good luck!!


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