Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday

Every day on my way home from work, I sit in the same subway car. Occasionally I have the misfortune to sit near a really gross man who seems to be on the same schedule as me (ie leaving work at 5:01pm). The first time I sat near him, he played with his stupid smartphone with the noises on, so I heard the bip-bip-bap of his game, until he got bored and played music on it - out loud! Ugh. He also wears tons of cologne and stinks up the joint, and on that first trip he very annoyingly and vocally complained about another man sitting near him smelling bad. Rude. The second time I sat near him he was eating McDonald's on the train and the salt from his fingers was flying willy-nilly in my direction. I hate train-eaters. Today I sat near him and he was biting his nails off and spitting them out. Yuck! Also, he had a bag with diapers in it. Has this man bred? He is the lowliest form of subway rider.

Anyway. I have some things to tell you! First of all, I'm back! What a trip! I don't mean to bore you with details, but we had a totally fab time on our trip. In Vancouver: hanging with old friends and new ones, walking millions of miles, getting rained on, sleeping in a king-size bed, visiting totem poles. Lovely.

And then Seattle: getting rained on again, learning about the city, seeing family and friends, playing with the cutest nephew and niece, eating so, so much food!

Of course, we did go on a Twin Peaks pilgrimage. So awesome.

Snoqualmie Falls, and the "Great Northern" that sits at the top (not included in photos).

And going to Twede's Cafe - or the "Double R Diner" as some may know it.

Not to sound too crazy, but seeing these things was intensely exciting. I am a die-hard Twin Peaks fan, and have been for 20 years.

All-in-all a very wonderful trip.

This morning I was feeling most depressed about being back at work, until two exciting things happened! First, I got a raise - for no apparent reason! I wish every Monday was like that! The second exciting thing I'm not going to talk about yet, but will in a few months. Don't be crazy, I'm not pregnant. I'll tell you that the CBC did not choose me to talk about my recommended book, but something more exciting (for me) may be in the works. Sorry to tease! If you really want to know, just email me and I'll happily divulge. Otherwise, stay tuned!

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