Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The deal-finder.

I like to remind H. how full of good ideas I am.

Last week, I made an amazing discovery. I think I mentioned before the possibility of Newburgh, NY as a place full of lovely cheap houses for the buying. Problem is, it's a bit far. As far as I knew at the time, the commute to the city would have involved a boat, a train and the the subway. That's a bit much. But last week I discovered that there is a commuter bus from Newburgh that drops off right across the street from my office. It's still a long journey, but one bus! So, I reopened the file on Newburgh houses.

We both love this house.

It's pretty run down, but for the past week my head has been dancing with the idea of fixing it up. I am usually drawn to Victorian houses, but I'm completely charmed by this 1920s style. The idea of renovating, and especially DIY, puts the chills in H. We've been wondering why this guy is so cheap. No roof? No heat (my mother's suggestion), maybe. But it's so inexpensive that I could build in some major rehab, and it would still be affordable. I love you, white house.

Today I tried to plant another seed in H's mind, when I found this little house.

Cute, eh? I mean, it's not the glorious creature the other white house is. This guy is pretty small - just a touch larger than our apartment now. But 3 bedrooms, enough for us and Iz for a few years. A starter home, and it's in good shape. AND IT COSTS $49,000. Holy moly. We could put a downpayment on this baby, and be paying less than $300/month mortgage. Mind-boggling! I'm not sure H. is sold. One of his criteria is that we should be able to walk to our commuter bus or train, which is reasonable. You couldn't really walk to my special bus from this, but with all the money we could be saving, we could get a Vespa. We could VESPA TO THE BUS. How crazy is that? Just zip up and down the road, to the bus. Here is me and H. on our way to work:

How fun! Maybe not in the snow, but most of the year: how fun!

I believe myself to be a genius. A genius plotter and schemer. H. is a lucky man.

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