Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yesterday, H. and I went on a little reconnaissance drive up the Hudson Valley to eyeball some towns and houses. First, we went to Newburgh.

Newburgh is a beautiful, sad place. Such beautiful houses, and so many of them boarded up and crumbling. But, here and there among buildings that seem to be abandoned, are ones that have been bought and lovingly restored. Such a strange mix. I saw, with mine own eyeballs, my beautiful white house.

I love it. I love it so much. I love that house more than any house in the entire world. Here's a real conversation H. and I had after I saw this house in person:

Me: It's my dream house
H: Really?
Me: It is now.

I should have taken a photo of it, and of me hugging it, drooling over it. This snowy photo is from the real estate websites, but yesterday in the May sunshine it had a bright, beautiful pink blossomed tree in front. I love this house. The roof, to all of our eyeballs, looked ok. Maybe my mom was right, maybe it has no heat. But it has a roof. And the neighborhood was bright and charming and full of gardens, and ohmygodIloveitsomuch.

But. You know what? Newburgh is really far. And also, it is really hilly, so maybe the Vespa idea wasn't great. But still, I'm kind of into Newburgh. I like its houses, and its seediness and its potential. Also: it has a Target.

After Newburgh, we zipped over the bridge to Beacon. Charming, twee Beacon. It makes me a little sick. Our friends, who drove us up there, are pretty set on Beacon. That's fine for them. I'm not sure I could deal with it.

After a coffee and scone in Beacon, we went to Peekskill.

And you know what? We liked it. I'd say, we really like it. I'd say that it is probably the most real possibility in this quest for suburban living. It has a record store, so H. like it. We drove around Peekskill and looked at some of the houses for sale that I have on my watch-list. Why do I have a watch-list now? I don't know. I'm obsessive. We liked the houses. We liked the town. We were happy. But, you know what? Peekskill does not have a Target. But I will forgive it (and write to Target and persuade them to build one - just for me).

After all this driving, we were all feeling a little tired, so we drove through Ossining, but did not stop. I think we have pretty much taken Ossining off our list. I worry that we would be the poors in a town of million dollar plus houses, and H. had been told bad things by a former resident. Not like it has a Target, anyway.

Anyway. Peekskill! Are you my winner? Maybe! H. and I are planning on going up in late summer and staying there for a night or two, to get a feel for the town a bit more.

I still love my white Newburgh house though. I'll never forget you, white house.

Now that my brain is exploding with the idea of houses - houses I have seen with my own eyes - I'm also going crazy with furniture dreams. Did you know that Urban Outfitters has some cool furniture? I didn't! I didn't know! Here's a sample of a bunch of things I want:

And these things, these furnitures, they aren't so terribly expensive. Ugh. You know what's worse than a food-diet? A money-diet. When you're on a food-diet, you can buy new clothes to make yourself happy. When you're on a money-diet, you can't even buy nice food to make yourself feel better because it costs money. It sucks. But when I have my house in Peekskill, I'll own all these things. So many things. And food.

Did you know that I am now on Pinterest, and you can stalk all my covets there? Here's me:

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