Monday, May 30, 2011

The Steps

Long weekend: pretty much over.

H. and I have been busy bees this hot & sticky weekend. Just like little social butterflies. Usually our weekends are spent staring at each other and taking photos of the cat. But this one was a bit different. Yet in some ways, not at all different.

Anyway, in between social occasions, H. tried to lure me to a flea market. Usually I don't resist. Looking at dusty old junk is among my favorite activities, even if I don't buy anything. Looking at junk is just so satisfying. But, I was feeling poor, and therefore feeling sorry for myself. Also, after the heartbreak of last weekend's china cabinet, I didn't want to get hurt again. I love you, china cabinet.

I tried to resist going to the flea market, and tried to find excuses for us not to go - including that it was too hot, I was too poor, it's such a long way away. But, H. reminded me of my love of junk, and I gave in.

For the most part, it was mostly junk - but nonetheless interesting junk. If I was better at DIY, it would be a veritable treasure trove of inspiration. But mostly, nothing. Until! I came across a pair of wood etageres. I have no photo, and the picture I drew looked bad, so I can only describe them. Dark wood, spindly, knobby posts - very delicate looking, and not too wide or too tall. H. liked them too, but being the Debbie Downer he is, he thought they were too pricey, and also didn't think we had anywhere to put them. I know what you're thinking - and yes, this is unfair commentary from the person who convinced me to go looking at junk in the first place. Now you understand that I married a cruel man.

Well, I suppose I wasn't heartbroken about saying good-bye to them anyway, and we left empty handed. But since yesterday, those etageres have haunted me! And I know exactly where I would put them. I think.

This is my uninspiring living room wall. As you can see, my beloved credenza is piled high with the goodies of the modern age - cable box, DVD player, Wii - and even the modem hidden behind the TV. However, I'm not keen on that corner shelf business there, and I hate the outlet on the left. But maybe if I had a lovely vintage etagere on either side, I could prettify this space? Yes? No? Yes. Yes. Yes. It is my thinking that I could unburden the credenza of some of the electronics, show off some interesting books or tchotchkes, and also hide the electrical outlet. But then again, I feel like a couple of wood etageres might make this room a little woodier and heavier than I already feel it is. Thoughts?

Anyway, in browsing the world of etageres, I came across this beauty from Revival Home & Garden in Seattle. It's lovely!

The etageres I saw yesterday were very similar, but without the fancy drawer. But they would look equally as fabulous in a shiny coat of black. But if they were black, I'm not sure they would look good next to my credenza. Thoughts? (Incidentally, the website for Revival Home & Garden has very many beautiful pieces, and makes my already upholstery-admiring self go a little crazy with inspiration)

Well, for now those etageres are not mine, and most likely will never be, but it certainly has me rethinking that wall. If you're also wondering about the odd picture hanging business going on in that photo - we were going to put up a gallery wall of old photos we liked, but were stifled by overwhelming framing. Also, H. isn't keen on the Weegee photo in the middle, although I have a soft spot for it. Anyway, I've sort of become used to it, so I'm not really in a hurry to change the lineup.

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