Saturday, May 21, 2011

Take this longing...

This post was going to be about something else.

But then: something happened. H. and I decided to go for a sunshiney walk this afternoon. We wandered through Bay Ridge, had some frozen yogurt, went to the Norwegian store, went to the Sally Ann (H. bought two books). On our way back, I wanted to stop into the little junk store where we have previously scored two fine chairs. I didn't expect to see anything, I just like to look at the junk. Looking at junk, and napping, are essentially my two favorite activities. They're hobbies.

But then. Oh! First, I saw 6 perfectly lovely mid-century dining chairs. Totally adorable, excellent shape. Ugly cushions, but easily remedied. As I was admiring them, I noticed behind them, behind some other junk: a beautiful, blonde-wood mid century china cabinet. Fab! Perfect condition!

Now, I certainly don't need a china cabinet. Before this, I didn't even know I wanted a china cabinet! H. said, "we don't even have any china!" He also said I would not be allowed to put my snowglobes in it, if I had it. But this thing is so beautiful. And this junk shop, being more into junk rather than jewels had priced it sooooo low. If this thing was on Craigslist in NYC, it would probably have been $750. But the worst truth came to me ever. I don't have room for such a thing! I have a giant apartment, and yet no place for this cabinet. It would be perfect for the dining room in my hypothetical future house. I tried to convince H. that we could find a spot in the apartment for it now, to keep until we move. But no! It isn't true. We have no place for it. This was, truly, the saddest day of my furniture coveting life.

I have no photo, so I drew a picture. I have no scanner, so I took a photo of my picture.

It makes me SICK that I can't have this. It makes me SICK that this and those chairs are in the junk shop and I can't have them. Well, I probably could convince H. on the chairs, but I would worry that I would buy them and then agonize over finding the perfect table to match. But oh my, sad day. I couldn't even take an afternoon nap, because I was thinking about this cabinet. The one that got away.

You laugh, but I am actually heartbroken.

Originally, this post was just going to show you this awesome terrarium I got recently.

And some flowers I bought, that will no doubt die under my care fairly soon. Whatever. Flowers.

I have no words now. My cabinet. My beautiful cabinet.

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