Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things that got did while my husband watched soccer

Call me a liar. I know a few weeks ago (months) I said I'd have a bedroom update.  I bought new sheets and a duvet cover, which look awesome. I then planned to buy some throw cushions for the bed - a detail I usually disapprove of, simply because it's so impractical. I had even managed to convince H. on a new bed frame.Things changed, priorities shifted. We decided that we don't really need an immediate bedroom makeover right now, while we're trying to save. I'd still like to slowly evolve my bedroom into something a little more put-together, but it doesn't need to happen overnight. So, the bedroom has been put on the back-burner, for now.

So, now what?

Well, I woke up this morning looking down the good side of a long weekend. Yay! Unfortunately there was some nonsense soccer (or "football") game of much importance that had to be watched by H. At a bar. With his buddy. Boo.

Well, first things first. Photoshoot with the cat.

The camera loves him!

He loves to stick his arm into the camera. Here's a montage of foot-forward Izzy shots.

I am only one cat-stroller away from being a crazy cat lady.

While H. watched his football, I enjoyed the sunshine in Ditmas Park, and looked at the beautiful houses while also suffering from extreme allergies. This neighborhood has waaaaay more trees and flowers than mine!

This house has my ideal porch-on-porch set-up (look closely and see the hammock on the upper porch).

This is just a little tudor-style cottage - nothing fancy!

This is a pretty uninteresting photo - but I like the color of this house:

I often wonder what neighborhood I'll buy my awesome house in, when I win a Mega-Millions lottery. Usually I think Brooklyn Heights, but Ditmas Park is so beautiful as well - and I'm a sucker for Victorian houses. But, the weird thing about Ditmas Park is there are never any people on the streets.

It's a bit lonely. I guess all the kids are in their backyards? I don't know.

After my walk, I decided to get a manicure. I went into a random nail salon, where my nails were done by Frank. Yes, a dude named Frank. He was kind of short with me - he *did not* want me to carry my own purse. Anyway. I decided to get a color that I'll call "Dental Assistant".

They match my grandma's old wool blanket nicely, don't they? Yes, I know this color is fugly. This is a long weekend kind of color - it will be gone by Tuesday 9am (don't worry, mom).

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