Monday, June 27, 2011

They were all Yellow.

Ack! I just titled this post after Coldplay lyrics! Shame! Please keep reading anyway.

Sometime recently I decided that what I really wanted was a yellow rug in the bedroom. Last year I thought a light blue, but our bedroom has changed quite a bit in that time - new curtains, new bedding, and the removal of one vinyl barf-green chair.

Really, what inspired this was seeing this beautiful Madeline Weinrib rug, called Goldenrod Brooke.

Sadly, this beauty is slightly out of my price range. And by "slightly" I mean phenomenally.

The bedroom currently lacks color. It has a lot of wood furniture, and wood floors, and looks pretty brown. Once someone remarked (admittedly before the new curtains and chair-removal) that the room looked like the 70s. Egads.

Not really sure yellow is anti-70s, but H. and I think it could give it a much-needed pop of color. An explosion of color, even. In my mind I want a French's Yellow Mustard kind of yellow.

Last week I ordered a sample from Flor of "Feelin' Groovy".

It looks pretty popped-up yellow, but H. and I can't quite decide if it is as yellow as we wanted. Here are some test shots:

With the bedding

With floor and curtains

With bedding and floor

With cat

I don't think it's quite there yet. What do you think?

I think the other option is this Toy Poodle Yellow, but I'm slightly worried it might just be the same kind of yellow:

Thoughts? Advice?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Only the best for my boy.

There was a time, before I had a cat of my own, where I would laugh at my friends' spoiling their pets. I grew up with pets of all kinds, and loved them fully, but they were never spoiled (besides too many table scraps, that is). Then, when we got Izzy, I done lost my mind.

I spend ages in the pet store agonizing over which food to buy him. I read the ingredients, and wonder what flavors he might like. Really - would he prefer turkey & salmon, or trout & shrimp? Once I choose, I always stop by the toy section, looking for something that might amuse him. And then, with my grain-free, human-grade cat food, and yet another pack of balls for my boy, I sheepishly pay the absurd price for these goods, and think to myself what a happy cat I'll have.

Before he came home, but when we knew we were getting a cat, I had it in my mind that we should get The World's Most Expensive Litter Box. I even convinced H. that we should do this - that we should pay almost $200 for this litter box. I know! I know what you're thinking! I'm kind of embarrassed to even admit that I entertained this idea. But it is a beauty:
ModKat litter box -
I even added it to my cart, and proceeded to checkout, and then I thought, am I really going to spend almost $200 on a cat toilet? I came to my senses, and didn't get it.

Yesterday, on one of the Apartment Therapy house tours, I spotted another beautiful thing for your pet. A bent wood dining tray:
Handsome, isn't it? So, I looked online, and found it. And, oh my god, it's $110. Yikes! I love my boy, and only the best for my little man, but come on. My own dining equipment only cost $20!

If I had the money, I'd want these things. Actually, I do want these things, but the truth is the cat doesn't care, and his plain-jane bowls and his cheap litter box suit him just fine. In fact, he's a practical guy, he prefers the cheap brands of dry food, and his favorite toys tend to be foam balls and lollipops. And his favorite place to sleep is the corner of the rug, so I guess this $150 cat-pod is out of the question:

Is it ever ok to spend so much money on your cat? I, for one, will save that money for when he inevitably eats something he shouldn't and we make a trip to the cat emergency room.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


You might have heard a big sigh of relief, or a "woop woop" of celebration coming from our apartment.

H. was approved, which means I get to keep him. Really, we had nothing to worry about - even a lawyer we had initially consulted said that we had an easy case. It's just a big relief to be done with it, so they we can focus on important things like buying houses, and buying a yellow rug for the bedroom. Whew.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Swedish for Common Sense?

Remember, back in the day, when Ikea's slogan was "Swedish for Common Sense"? My mother used to say, "Ikea, Swedish for Makes Life for Difficult".

Let me tell you a couple stories. Sometime around 1989 my parents bought me a bed from Ikea. At that time, Ikea beds only came in weird Swedish bed sizes, so my twin was longer and thinner than a North American twin bed. This meant that unless you bought sheets at Ikea, or maybe in Sweden, you could not buy sheets for the bed. About a year later, Ikea started selling normal sized beds and sheets, and no longer sold weird Swedish length sheets, and so I only had, like, one set of sheets. My parents still have that bed, by the by. And still one sheet.

Fast forward about 6 years. My parents bought a set of bunk beds for the cottage from Ikea. They were wood. My bff and I spent a week up there, just us, and were supposed to build the bunk beds. The wood was all warped, and nothing fit together, and we gave up. After a few days my parents joined us up there and my dad had a go at building those bunk beds. From the middle of the lake, Bff and I could hear my dad cussing up a storm trying to build those monkeys. And I kid you not, those things are held together (to this day) by glue.

Another story. My parents bought a bed for their guest room from Ikea, and I was given the job of assembling it. It was missing some vital pieces, so I called Ikea and told them my situation. So, we returned the bed, and got a new one. I opened the second one up, and what do you know? More pieces missing. At that point, I gave up and just did what I could with what I had. The original Ikea Hack.

All this said, I do love Ikea. I go, I feel joy. I browse, I covet, I think. All kinds of stuff, and so cheap. I was feeling pretty excited about our trip there this afternoon. Yay, stuff!

Besides some odds and ends, theses and thatses, we bought two bookcases. One skinny Billy for the guest room, to complete our Billy wall:

And that worked out fine. No probs. The Billy is pretty reliable stuff.

Then, we bought a Hemnes bookcase for the office. This thing. This monster. Even in the grand history of incomprehensible Ikea hieroglyphic-style instruction manuals, this one made no sense. I consider myself and expert in Ikea assembly. Essentially, I have a PhD in Ikea Assemblage. With honors. But, this bookcase has more holes than screws and whatsits to put in them, and the instructions have nary an arrow to point out which one to put your dowel in. Argh.

In my head, I keep yelling "Ikeee-AHHHHHH!" in the voice of the landlord in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Like so (around 0:10-0:14):

But then, it appears that someone was asleep on the job at the Hemnes assembly line. You know on Ikea bookshelves, you get the little pegs to place your shelves with? And those pegs fit into little notches in the shelves? You know what I mean? Well, this Hemnes has no notches. The shelves sit on top on the pegs. Like so:

This isn't missing one notch, these shelves have NO NOTCHES WHATSOEVER. Is that a mistake? Or did Ikea cut the notches out to make this bookcase cheaper to make, yet still one of the more expensive lines of bookcase? WTF?

Sigh. Yet, still, I love Ikea. I bought some $0.49 plant pots today. I bought some frames. I looked at stuff. Also, the hot dogs are $0.50. So, this doesn't really mean anything in the grand scheme of my relationship with this temple of Scandinavian delight. Just frustrated, is all, and needed a rant.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


First off, let me make this promise to you: I will not post any photos of the cat today. You may end up finding this to be some cruel punishment, wherein I deny you that little cuteface. I am not punishing you, and am just saving my own reputation, lest you think me some crazy cat lady.

As I mentioned the other day, there is some stuff happening hereabouts this week. Not to get too much into the personal, but a little bit into the personal, H. and I had our interview this morning for H's green card. We think it went well, and we should hear a decision soon. Let me tell you, this business is tough stuff. Imagine trying to prove your entire relationship on paper. It's not that easy, unless you want to share love letters or other intimate things. We decided to go through this process without a lawyer, and it's a lot of paperwork, a good deal of money, and a lot of energy and stress. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it's over now. But I don't want to jinx myself, so I'll not say more.

Luckily, all that nonsense was done by about 10am and, having taken the day off for it, we had a whole day to eat celebratory burritos, banana milkshakes, take naps and receive our brand new air conditioner.

Decor by Cat
T'is a beast, this thing!
She ain't pretty, she just looks that way.
Yeah, it's big, it's ugly, but it just made summer much less daunting. We're itching to try this baby out, but the weather calls for perfect temperatures in the low 80s for days and days to come. You're welcome, NYC, this is the summer you don't need a/c, thanks to us!

I am most excited now that the interview is over, and I can focus/obsess on our Friday trip to Ikea. This time I will not forget my glasses, and I will see the many things I want to buy! We already have a list of a few much-needed bookcases, plus a DIY project! I know! Me! Doing it myself! As inspired by something I saw recently on another blog, and which I will share with you when it starts happening. Are you dying of anticipation? Good!

Lastly. I have fallen in love. Deeply in love. Not with my husband, because that is old news. I have found the perfect house. It is a good price, totally adorable, in a place I want to live, has wide-plank wood floors, fireplaces, built-in bookshelves. I love it so, so much it almost makes me forget the white house I fell in love with last month! But, H. and I aren't ready to buy, so I have been putting some curses - a little voodoo and such - on it, so that nobody buys it. Sorry, current owner, but it has to be done. Because I'm in love. I can't post photos of the house here, because I don't want you to steal it away from me. I know your type.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sorry, sorry, sorry. Like a typical Canadian, I am sorry about something. This time it's too much silence. H. and I have been busy, busy bees.

Speaking of busy bees, my apartment was recently a victim of a crime. This was the crime:

This is the criminal:

He shows no remorse. You may remember these curtains as the world's most expensive curtains from a previous post. AAAARG. He could't tear up the cheapo Ikea curtains, or the cheap-ass Target curtains? No.

H. and I made a big, expensive purchase this week. It is something for the apartment, and it took very little plotting or convincing to get H. to agree to dip into our savings for this thing.
What is it? It's an air conditioner! A portable one (not a window unit). It only took 2 hot, humid, disgusting days. I grew up with no a/c, I'm pretty good and suffering through summer, with lots of water and lots of complaining. But the cat! The poor cat! He was so miserable - the poor thing was cuddling up to the toilet to keep cool. The shame! I did take a photo of this sad event, but I had second thoughts about my toilet being on the internet. So, yes, we bought an air conditioner for the cat, essentially.

Anyway, today H. and I celebrate our second wedding anniversary, so I'm not going to go on too much about anything. This is a big week for us, anniversaries aside, and we have homework to do tonight. I hope to report on this later in the week, and I also hope to go to Ikea, so I should be slightly more interesting this week. How exciting!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Maybe I might have mentioned once or twice that I love Charley Harper just a little bit. So this morning when I saw on Design*Sponge that Fishs Eddy now has a Charley Harper + Todd Oldham collection, I just about dropped dead. I died! And then I got up, and died again.  I love every single piece.

This photo is directly from the Fishs Eddy website.
And wouldn't you know it, Fishs Eddy is four short blocks from my office. And lookee here what I bought:

I kid you not when I say that if I had a CHINA CABINET, I would have bought the plates and everything they had to display in it. So, take that, Husband. I could have "china", if I had somewhere to put it. Not exactly your fine bone china, but this is a bit more my style

Perhaps you're asking yourself, "If she loved these things so much, why did she only buy a bowl and a plate?" And I will tell you. But it's a longer, and equally uninteresting story.

H. and I get summer Fridays, which means in the summer, on Fridays, we only work half the day. We had a plan for this afternoon to visit a store (which shall remain nameless) that people always rave about, but that I had never been to. My aim was to buy a lamp, since yesterday I had a lamp epiphany (nothing to do with owl lamps), yet didn't want to spend too much money. So, we had a plan to go to this store and buy a lamp, and so I couldn't go crazy at Fishs Eddy because I thought I was going to have to bring a lamp home on the subway. Well, I didn't buy a lamp. Let me say that this store - this fabled haven of homeware, did not suit H. or I. It was all over-decorated, mass produced blah blah blah. No lamp. No nothing. If I had been in the market for a variety of ceramic frogs, I would have been in luck!

Anyway, considering my dangerous proximity to Fishs Eddy, it's embarrassingly likely that I'll be back for more Charley Harper-ware. Now, if only I had an awesome china cabinet.

I love you, china cabinet. STILL.

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