Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sorry, sorry, sorry. Like a typical Canadian, I am sorry about something. This time it's too much silence. H. and I have been busy, busy bees.

Speaking of busy bees, my apartment was recently a victim of a crime. This was the crime:

This is the criminal:

He shows no remorse. You may remember these curtains as the world's most expensive curtains from a previous post. AAAARG. He could't tear up the cheapo Ikea curtains, or the cheap-ass Target curtains? No.

H. and I made a big, expensive purchase this week. It is something for the apartment, and it took very little plotting or convincing to get H. to agree to dip into our savings for this thing.
What is it? It's an air conditioner! A portable one (not a window unit). It only took 2 hot, humid, disgusting days. I grew up with no a/c, I'm pretty good and suffering through summer, with lots of water and lots of complaining. But the cat! The poor cat! He was so miserable - the poor thing was cuddling up to the toilet to keep cool. The shame! I did take a photo of this sad event, but I had second thoughts about my toilet being on the internet. So, yes, we bought an air conditioner for the cat, essentially.

Anyway, today H. and I celebrate our second wedding anniversary, so I'm not going to go on too much about anything. This is a big week for us, anniversaries aside, and we have homework to do tonight. I hope to report on this later in the week, and I also hope to go to Ikea, so I should be slightly more interesting this week. How exciting!

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