Friday, June 24, 2011

Only the best for my boy.

There was a time, before I had a cat of my own, where I would laugh at my friends' spoiling their pets. I grew up with pets of all kinds, and loved them fully, but they were never spoiled (besides too many table scraps, that is). Then, when we got Izzy, I done lost my mind.

I spend ages in the pet store agonizing over which food to buy him. I read the ingredients, and wonder what flavors he might like. Really - would he prefer turkey & salmon, or trout & shrimp? Once I choose, I always stop by the toy section, looking for something that might amuse him. And then, with my grain-free, human-grade cat food, and yet another pack of balls for my boy, I sheepishly pay the absurd price for these goods, and think to myself what a happy cat I'll have.

Before he came home, but when we knew we were getting a cat, I had it in my mind that we should get The World's Most Expensive Litter Box. I even convinced H. that we should do this - that we should pay almost $200 for this litter box. I know! I know what you're thinking! I'm kind of embarrassed to even admit that I entertained this idea. But it is a beauty:
ModKat litter box -
I even added it to my cart, and proceeded to checkout, and then I thought, am I really going to spend almost $200 on a cat toilet? I came to my senses, and didn't get it.

Yesterday, on one of the Apartment Therapy house tours, I spotted another beautiful thing for your pet. A bent wood dining tray:
Handsome, isn't it? So, I looked online, and found it. And, oh my god, it's $110. Yikes! I love my boy, and only the best for my little man, but come on. My own dining equipment only cost $20!

If I had the money, I'd want these things. Actually, I do want these things, but the truth is the cat doesn't care, and his plain-jane bowls and his cheap litter box suit him just fine. In fact, he's a practical guy, he prefers the cheap brands of dry food, and his favorite toys tend to be foam balls and lollipops. And his favorite place to sleep is the corner of the rug, so I guess this $150 cat-pod is out of the question:

Is it ever ok to spend so much money on your cat? I, for one, will save that money for when he inevitably eats something he shouldn't and we make a trip to the cat emergency room.

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