Wednesday, June 15, 2011


First off, let me make this promise to you: I will not post any photos of the cat today. You may end up finding this to be some cruel punishment, wherein I deny you that little cuteface. I am not punishing you, and am just saving my own reputation, lest you think me some crazy cat lady.

As I mentioned the other day, there is some stuff happening hereabouts this week. Not to get too much into the personal, but a little bit into the personal, H. and I had our interview this morning for H's green card. We think it went well, and we should hear a decision soon. Let me tell you, this business is tough stuff. Imagine trying to prove your entire relationship on paper. It's not that easy, unless you want to share love letters or other intimate things. We decided to go through this process without a lawyer, and it's a lot of paperwork, a good deal of money, and a lot of energy and stress. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it's over now. But I don't want to jinx myself, so I'll not say more.

Luckily, all that nonsense was done by about 10am and, having taken the day off for it, we had a whole day to eat celebratory burritos, banana milkshakes, take naps and receive our brand new air conditioner.

Decor by Cat
T'is a beast, this thing!
She ain't pretty, she just looks that way.
Yeah, it's big, it's ugly, but it just made summer much less daunting. We're itching to try this baby out, but the weather calls for perfect temperatures in the low 80s for days and days to come. You're welcome, NYC, this is the summer you don't need a/c, thanks to us!

I am most excited now that the interview is over, and I can focus/obsess on our Friday trip to Ikea. This time I will not forget my glasses, and I will see the many things I want to buy! We already have a list of a few much-needed bookcases, plus a DIY project! I know! Me! Doing it myself! As inspired by something I saw recently on another blog, and which I will share with you when it starts happening. Are you dying of anticipation? Good!

Lastly. I have fallen in love. Deeply in love. Not with my husband, because that is old news. I have found the perfect house. It is a good price, totally adorable, in a place I want to live, has wide-plank wood floors, fireplaces, built-in bookshelves. I love it so, so much it almost makes me forget the white house I fell in love with last month! But, H. and I aren't ready to buy, so I have been putting some curses - a little voodoo and such - on it, so that nobody buys it. Sorry, current owner, but it has to be done. Because I'm in love. I can't post photos of the house here, because I don't want you to steal it away from me. I know your type.

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