Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Target at Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn

Dear, Dear Target at Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn,

I remember when you first opened, and I was so excited that you were coming to Brooklyn. Having been to Targets in other cities, I knew I loved you. I wanted you, and your stuff, so bad.

But Target in Atlantic Terminal? I'm afraid you are the black sheep of the Target family. Visiting you is an exercise in patience and disappointment. Your shelves are empty, over-picked and in complete disarray. What's left has had it's packaging opened, or is the one last ugly color, or just isn't what I was looking for, exactly.

I know that there are still things I love about you. Saturday mornings with you are sometimes so peaceful and satisfying; before the crowds have plundered your wares and I can see the (almost) full selection of your goods. And, I love the Archer Farms brand, truly, I do. Your Archer Farms organic milk tastes delightful. Archer Farms coffee is cheap and fair trade! And best of all, Archer Farms dill pickle cashews are beyond amazing.

So, you see why I come? Why I don't just go to Kmart? I want to love you, Target at Atlantic Terminal. I try to love you, and I forgive you over and over again.

Sometimes when I arrive at the Target at Atlantic Terminal, I am ready to spend money. These are usually times when I've left the husband at home and I have time to peruse to my heart's content. In those times, when I am ready to spend lots of money on things I probably don't need - I try to get a cart. A cart to fill with things! Things that cost money! However, finding a cart in this store is like looking for an endangered parrot in the Amazon. You see, besides the customers using those few carts, your employees fill those carts with stuff - I assume to stock the shelves - but instead they leave abandoned carts around the store while they congregate. And you see, when I don't have a cart, I will not buy so much stuff.

Furthermore, when I want to buy some things, but not so many things, I will look for a basket. A basket! At Target, Atlantic Terminal! If you've ever been there, right now you're calling me a madwoman! Because baskets are not to be had at this Target!

It's not just your mess, though. It's not just that you are shockingly badly stocked. It's not just that there are no carts or baskets to be found. It's your employees. Few of them are good, some of them are fine, and several of them are absolutely shockingly bad and should probably not be employed in a job that deals with customers.

Let me share a recent experience. As I was checking out, my check-out boy was chit-chatting with his neighbor, complaining about a previous customer, about how she was "a retard". How charming! I love hearing people both bitch about customers (in front of customers), but also use offensive language!

And here we come to yesterday. As I was wandering the aisles on the second floor, lamp in hand, looking for a cart, I saw a customer, cell-phone to ear, approach a congregation of Target employees (they love to hang out at the top of the escalators) and ask the group where the down escalator was. Yes, he was on his phone and that's annoying, and yes the escalator was right behind him, but, dear Target employees, I'm pretty sure the answer to his question was NOT "How did you get up here, motherfucker?" I'm thinking that wasn't the customer-servicey way of answering the question. I mean, it's been awhile for me, but I'm pretty sure that's frowned upon.To be fair! To the employee, the customer had turned around by that point, and with his cellphone to his ear probably didn't hear him. But I did. And the other customers nearby did. And your fellow colleagues, with whom you were laughing about it, also did. And you know what, that was pretty tacky.

But, hey! That is just you being you, Target at Atlantic Terminal.

And, I know working with customers, and people in general sucks. And I know this is Brooklyn! This is a 'fuggedaboutit' and big city attitude. But really, you're a Target, so act like it.

Yours truly,
A Customer Looking to Spend Money

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