Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Yellow Options

I ordered two more yellow samples from Flor.

I haven't put them against my bedsheets or curtains, because that would entail cleaning my room and making my bed.

#1 is Rake Me Over Yellow

#2 is Toy Poodle Yellow

# 3 is Feelin' Groovy Yellow (the original).

It's possible that these are all the same yellow, but numbers 1 and 2 seem to me to be slightly more full of yellow. The Feelin' Groovy is slightly paler, and so color-wise, I prefer the two new ones.

Rake Me Over and Toy Poodle are, of course, more expensive. I seem to have a sixth sense for choosing/wanting the expensive things.

How about a feel test? And a cat test?


These news samples are more plush. Rake Me Over is a bit too shaggy for my liking, but Toy Poodle feels pretty good. I think #2 - Toy Poodle is the favorite. But, am I crazy? Are these three samples the same yellow, just different thicknesses?

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