Sunday, August 28, 2011

Maine, Maine, Hurricanes.

As promised, here are some more deets on our Maine trip.

On Friday afternoon we flew up to Portland, where we rented a car and headed to Freeport to spend Friday and Saturday night. We had a wedding to attend on Saturday, which was the real purpose of the trip. Freeport, if you've never been, is basically a town of shopping outlets, and the home of LL Bean.

Before making ourselves beautiful to attend the wedding, we did what you do in Freeport and went to the outlets, where I blew loads of cash-money on J Crew things. Oh, J. Crew! You will be my downfall.

And then we enjoyed an amazingly lovely and fun wedding.

And then someone wanted to arm wrestle.

Not me, or H.
Good times were had by all. And there was jam.

Sunday, we decided to take the scenic route back to Portland, where we planned to spend another two days. Being a good planner and master navigator (it cannot be denied), I found a flea market on the way. Pride's Corner Flea Market is on the outskirts of Portland, and it is awesome. Not so much junk, and lots of good deals. Like the aforementioned telephone table:

Other goodies I wanted included two rocking chairs, and a variety of bowls and vases. Alas! Since we had flown up, we could have them, and I left empty-handed. H. managed to score some records. Next time - and there will be a next time - we'll drive up and I'll go as crazy as I wanted to.

On Monday we drove via Route 1 down to Kennebunkport, and visited some other, maybe less good flea markets.

As well as some antique stores, one called Antiques Village and another called Antiques USA - both of which I highly enjoyed, but bought nothing.

In Portland we stayed at the lovely Inn on Carleton, which I highly, highly recommend should you ever be in town. It's a beautuful old house, and very friendly staff. I didn't want to leave.

Photo from the Inn on Carleton Blog
All in all, a grand trip. Next time, I promise you, I will buy some junk. Maybe I'll even have a house by then, and I'll fill up my house with junk. Junk junk junk. Yay!

And now, hurricanes. We've been holed up in the apartment since yesterday cowering in fear of Hurricane Irene. Except not cowering in fear, since it all seemed a little over-blown anyway, didn't it? Mostly I'm bored and have been eating all our hurricane supplies while watching True Blood and Downton Abbey. Sigh.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


And we're back. A little sunburned, but full of lobster and fish and relaxed.

H. and I found ourselves doing quite a bit of antiquing. Antiquing in New England. The last remnants of my 16 year old self died that day, performing the ultimate yuppie activity. RIP pink-haired me.

Someone need more cowbell?
I didn't buy anything, because everything I wanted was furniture, because that is my curse. Furniture-adoration. Sad, since the prices were sooooo good compared to NYC.

I wanted this telephone table something fierce.

H. asked me where I would put it - like that matters! He's nuts, though.

And this doll freaked me out something more fierce - I did not want it.

I'll tell you more about our Maine adventures in a day or two, for now I need some quality time with the cat.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh No You Didn't

Oh yes I did! I changed my domain name, and the name of the blog. Because. I was bored, and inspired by change. Why Crabby Fox? Well, once upon a time, it was almost like my name. And I have an affinity for crabs and foxes. So, there.

Was it a very good idea? Possibly not, because now my links and stuff are all wonky, and if you had the old one bookmarked, then you need a new bookmark. I'll work on fixing it, but tomorrow we are off to Maine, so it may now happen until next week.

This was probably a branding no-no. I'm working on it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Roundabaout Rainy Day Ramble

The other day I was perusing the Craigslist, as one does when one is me, and I came across this fella:

From here
And I thought, "this is cute" and sent it to H. who responded "THIS IS THE GREATEST CHAIR IN THE WORLD EVER." Well, that might not be verbatim, but he liked the chair a lot. We didn't buy it, not yet, and I don't know if we will. It is a nice chair, but if it were mine, I'd have to have it reupholstered. And, you may remember, I am too cheap to get things reupholstered, as is evident with the pink chair that is still waiting for a makeover.

So, thinking about my upholstery needs and I desires, I started looking at fabric again, and found a few more reasonably priced styles for my pink chair, and for the other chair that I do not own yet dream of making over. But then, lo - what's this! I came upon these totes awesome Tammis Keefe fabrics recently reissued by Michael Miller.

How many cat fabrics do I need in my life? So, sooo many...

And then, a few non-cat themes:

These aren't the right weight for upholstery, and I can't see myself with a cushion made of them, so what would I do with them if I had them? Who knows, but I still think they're fab.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

House Hunters

I'm going to share something with you. I am in love. With a house. I've been watching it every day since it was posted online, which was 55 days ago. H. can tell you that I bring it up every day. I love it. And it's so cheap, so there must be something wrong with it, right?

When I first saw the house posted, I decided to put some hexes on it, some voodoo, hire a poltergeist, etc. so that nobody else would buy it. And it worked because nobody has bought it. And then, this past week, the price went down by $20k, which caused me to write an email to H. with the subject line: "OOOOHHHHMMMMMMYYYYYYYYGOODDDDDDDDDD".

H. says he is worried about what will happen when someone (else) buys this house - he thinks I'm going to have a nervous breakdown or something, and he is probably right. What do I like so much about this little grey vixen? Well, for one thing it is cute and grey. Is that a good reason to buy a house?

For seconds I really love the white fireplace.

And then there is the teeny dining room, which needs a paint job, but has nice windows and possibly cute built-ins:

And lastly, I love it for its wildernessy backyard, in which I can imagine hosting many a barbecue.

We have never seen the house in person, and there aren't any photos of the bedrooms, bathrooms or upstairs, so there is most definitely something wrong with it, and that's why it is so cheap. Right? By cheap, I mean cheap - currently $219k. I'm hoping to pay it a visit next month, at which time my head will explode with excitement.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paint it Black.

H. is going to be so excited when he sees that this post is named after a Rolling Stones song. Maybe he'll buy me a present!

After living in this apartment for two and a half years, we *finally* bought a full-length mirror! Now, theoretically, my shoes will match my outfit. And H. won't have his whole day ruined because he feels his pants are too long. Such exciting times.

How did it take us so long? Well, mirrors are expensive. And, I couldn't find one I really loved, except one from Pottery Barn that was a) massive, b) massively expensive and c) discontinued. Dang.

While I was in the UK, and bored, I was decided to peruse the old Craiglist, and I spotted a beauty. A mid-century faux bamboo number. I mentioned it in my last post, you may remember. So I bought it! And here she is:

Well, not the whole thing, because that would have involved cleaning my room. In this photo I moved all the stuff that needs to be put away out of the frame. And then I admitted it on the internet.

I'm not keen on the buttery yellow color, so I'm going to paint it. My first instinct is to paint it shiny, shiny black. That's probably what I'll do. But I'm also kind of drawn to bright colors, like these yellow chippendale chairs on the cover of Jonathan Adler's book:

But, probably not because we're planning on those yellow Flor tiles.

So, what about blue - like this lovely chair from Julie at Shelter:

Image from Shelter
Or maybe I should buy some chippendale chairs and paint them yellow, or turquoise. Because I think glossy black is the answer for my mirror. What do you think?
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