Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paint it Black.

H. is going to be so excited when he sees that this post is named after a Rolling Stones song. Maybe he'll buy me a present!

After living in this apartment for two and a half years, we *finally* bought a full-length mirror! Now, theoretically, my shoes will match my outfit. And H. won't have his whole day ruined because he feels his pants are too long. Such exciting times.

How did it take us so long? Well, mirrors are expensive. And, I couldn't find one I really loved, except one from Pottery Barn that was a) massive, b) massively expensive and c) discontinued. Dang.

While I was in the UK, and bored, I was decided to peruse the old Craiglist, and I spotted a beauty. A mid-century faux bamboo number. I mentioned it in my last post, you may remember. So I bought it! And here she is:

Well, not the whole thing, because that would have involved cleaning my room. In this photo I moved all the stuff that needs to be put away out of the frame. And then I admitted it on the internet.

I'm not keen on the buttery yellow color, so I'm going to paint it. My first instinct is to paint it shiny, shiny black. That's probably what I'll do. But I'm also kind of drawn to bright colors, like these yellow chippendale chairs on the cover of Jonathan Adler's book:

But, probably not because we're planning on those yellow Flor tiles.

So, what about blue - like this lovely chair from Julie at Shelter:

Image from Shelter
Or maybe I should buy some chippendale chairs and paint them yellow, or turquoise. Because I think glossy black is the answer for my mirror. What do you think?


  1. I think glossy black would be great. Then you can move it to another room if you'd like. Classic and versatile!

    Love the bamboo by the way :-)

  2. I think you're right, and I hadn't even thought about moving it to another room! Ah, that day when I'll have more room options!!

    I love the bamboo too, I think I'm developing a thing for it, and that's not good!


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