Tuesday, August 23, 2011


And we're back. A little sunburned, but full of lobster and fish and relaxed.

H. and I found ourselves doing quite a bit of antiquing. Antiquing in New England. The last remnants of my 16 year old self died that day, performing the ultimate yuppie activity. RIP pink-haired me.

Someone need more cowbell?
I didn't buy anything, because everything I wanted was furniture, because that is my curse. Furniture-adoration. Sad, since the prices were sooooo good compared to NYC.

I wanted this telephone table something fierce.

H. asked me where I would put it - like that matters! He's nuts, though.

And this doll freaked me out something more fierce - I did not want it.

I'll tell you more about our Maine adventures in a day or two, for now I need some quality time with the cat.

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