Monday, September 12, 2011

Get 'er done

What a successful weekend that included completing everything on my to-do list, except getting a manicure. Oh well, next weekend.

My mirror is now shiny and black! I like it. My sister-in-law even said it looks like an expensive mirror now - is there a greater compliment? Here are some pics of the journey:

1. Prep.

I sanded this bad-boy as much as I could before getting bored. Sanding is a dull activity, and I admit it probably could have done with some more sanding. I also inserted some catalog pages so that I didn't get paint on the glass - this ended up being less than ideal situation.

2. First coat.

As you can see, I didn't use a primer, and I do not regret that decision.

3. Three more coats.

This last photo is slightly blurry, and I'm ok with that because it hides some of the imperfections. Specifically, sticking those catalog pages in to protect the glass meant they stuck to the paint around the frame, and when I pulled them off it pulled some paint off too, creating more work. Boo. But, I'm happy with it, and H. is happy with it, and the cat is fascinated by it.

In other news, something exciting is happening. Here's a couple hints: it involves my GG project, the CBC and me. I'll tell you more next week, because I don't want to jinx myself. Exciting and terrifying, though!

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