Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scaredy Cat

H. is off to England on a ten-day business trip at the end of the week, and I have quite a to-do list while he's gone. This includes things he hates, including:

1) Go to Target
2) Go to Ikea
3) Make cheese-heavy foods
4) Pancakes?
5) Paint the mirror

Oh, you remember my mirror?

Yeah, it's getting painted. And, I'm scared. As I have mentioned almost weekly, I'm not really a DIY person. Is painting a mirror even DIY? It is to me. I'm kind of afraid that I'll somehow ruin it, or that it won't turn out nicely. And, remember, I'm painting this black, so if it doesn't work it's gonna be hellish trying to fix it.

I did lots of research on painting furniture, and specifically faux-bamboo furniture, in case that knowledge would help. And I found this friggin' gorgeous dresser in persimmon:

Image from Casa Sugar
Bravo, dresser-painter, bravo. I even thought for a second that I wanted a persimmon mirror. Maybe if the black fails...

So, off I went to the Home Depot near my office and picked up my supplies.

Cat not from Home Depot.
 Soak that in - I WENT TO HOME DEPOT.

So, I think, I hope I have all I need. But here's a question - should I use a primer? In my internet research, I found lots of people who do use it, and lots who don't, so I didn't buy any - but now I'm having doubts. I don't want to mess it up. Any thoughts? Is this a better safe than sorry situation?

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