Monday, September 19, 2011

So, this happened.

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Me and Shelagh

As I hinted last week, and months ago, exciting things have been in the works. Today, H. and I both enjoyed the day off, and went into the NYC studio of the CBC!(!!!!) Are you dying? I did. I almost did. Why did I do such a thing? Well, I was invited, for your information. I was invited to record a segment on the CBC show The Next Chapter about my GG project.

This all came about in the spring, when (if you remember) I entered the "So you think you can talk books" competition. They didn't choose me, obviously, to talk about the book I entered, but they were interested in my GG project. I didn't want to give too much away back when it was first proposed, in fear of jinxing myself. I worried over the summer that they would change their minds, because - let's face it - maybe this was just a weird thing that a girl with too much time on her hands was doing. But, a few weeks ago (after giving me some time to push through some more books) they contacted me again and were ready to roll.

Let me say that this was terrifying. The idea of my squeaking voice coming through the air frightens the bejeezus out of me. Furthermore, I was afraid I'd say stupid things, which is a very real possibility (and hasn't been disproved). H. came with me as my moral support.

Here be me in the studio, from H's position with the sound guy (technical term):

Now, here be the view from where I sat:

I think it went ok, but I may sound dumb. I hope they edit me smart! H. said that I sounded good, but he has to say that because it was in our wedding vows that he must always say I look good and sound smart.

Can I tell you something? Being in the CBC studio was very exciting, and I had to refrain from taking photos of the posters of CBC hosts, because I was trying to pretend to be cool. I suppose I'm somewhat of a CBC fangirl. I mean, I grew up in a house with CBC radio on in the kitchen during all waking hours. And, I once promised a prof in university that I would write a CBC radio drama (it never happened).

Most importantly, I highly enjoyed talking to Shelagh - it was kind of like a dream - chatting with a voice so familiar, yet who I couldn't see.

Anyway, should you wish to judge for yourself whether or not I squeak, I believe my bit will air on October 10. Yikes!

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