Saturday, October 1, 2011

House Hunters

Today H. and I spent the day up the Hudson looking at houses. Houses to buy. Houses to be our own. Including my grey house, that I've looked at and admired every day for about 6 months.

House #1: My Grey House

It was as adorbs as I had imagined. It was, truth be told, on a bit of a scuzzy street, but walking distance to the downtown. In fact, we could practically spy the local farmer's market from the house. Also, there was a deli 100 feet or so down the road, which would conveniently keep us in Diet Cola, as we are accustomed.

Inside, the first floor was lovely and well kept, and much bigger than the photos had lead us to believe. Also, it had a recently re-done kitchen, a new washer/dryer, and a kitchen sink that I liked. That's a weird thing to like, no? But I did. The bedrooms weren't huge, and H. didn't like the size of the master bedroom, which he thought was too small. I liked that it had a fireplace. The backyard was amazing.

Bad news though - the owner accepted an offer last night. Mo. Fo.

House #2: The Underdog

When I showed my family the houses that we would be seeing, nobody liked this one. But I saw something in it. Yes, it has wall-to-wall carpeting, and I am morally against it. But that's easy to fix, right? It also had a kitchen that could be described as revolting, and would need to be completely replaced. But that would be fun, right?

Secretly, this was my favorite. In my over-active imagination, I own this house and I'm restoring it to its former glory. H. thought it was creepy and hated the layout. Damn his opinions! I loved the huge fireplace, the original wood trims, the fact that the hardwood under the carpet was still in good condition. The thing I loved possibly most? In the basement was the most swingin' throwback 60s bar and party room. Rather, Par-Tay Room. It was amazing - with red pleather banquettes built into the walls, and around a pole. A circular banquette? The bar itself was almost tiki-ish. ALSO, the floor, which was linoleum, had MAGICIAN STUFF inlaid in it. I'm talking top hat, gloves, MAGIC WAND. It was awesome, and if it was mine, I would restore it to its swingin' glory. I would have taken photos, but the battery in the old snapper died.

House #3: The People's Choice

This was my mother's favorite. Also my sister-in-law's favorite. It was also the most expensive. It's a charming, and big, Victorian, that's been well maintained, and close to the train. It is, in many ways, perfect. Beautiful floors. Huge - room after room after room. It also had beautiful views of the Hudson.

There was something about it that made me sad, though. It was obvious that someone had lived there for the last 50 years or so, and had recently died or been moved into a nursing home. There were so many personal items gathering dust - and they had laid out their china on the dining room table as though it was Thanksgiving or something.

The deal-breaker in this one is that the second floor bathroom, which is huge and really nice, is in the middle of the second floor. Three of the bedrooms open into it, and one of the bedrooms can only be accessed either through the bathroom or by going through one of the other rooms, and I could see no way of fixing this. Although, I did propose that the railroad room be turned into a walk-in closet. A good idea, promptly belittled by my husband.

House #4: Huge Blah

There's nothing to say about this one. The closets smelled like animal. There was a groundhog in the backyard, and it was cute. It was a huge no.

Anyhou. I'm glad we went and looked, and I'm glad I can move on past the grey house knowing that I've seen it, and that H. wouldn't want to live there because he apparently needs a huge master bedroom.

The trip also got us thinking about whether or not we're really ready for the suburban life. I want a house, and a yard, but don't really want to live in the 'burbs. And I'll never have enough money for a house in NYC, so I don't know what I'm going to do. I need to start playing the lottery.

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