Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Festive Decorating

H. and I don't do any seasonal or holiday decorating. Our apartment looks the same on Christmas, as it does at Thanksgiving, Canada Day, Fourth of July and Halloween (we don't get trick or treaters). Every day, it's the same, just messy or not messy.

This year is different! We got a Christmas "tree"!

Or, rather, a Christmas Shrub.

I also finished my wreath! Here it is in the glowing fluorescent light of the hallway.

Remember how I ran out of balls? Well, I wrote to the ball-seller about when they might receive more stock, and they never responded. Sad face. For them, because that's not very nice customer service! So, I went and ordered balls from a different ball-seller. And, truthfully, you can say it: they are kind of a different color.

But I don't care! I have a wreath for Christmas, and this Christmas wreath has a piece of me, since I burnt my finger and left some burny finger cells on it. So, we're together forever now. Me and my wreath.

1 comment:

  1. Love the "ball seller" - that is exactly what they are... I wonder if that is how they introduce themselves? Hi I am ____, I sell little balls online"..


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