Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ode to the Canadian North

I've said before the the aesthetic of my apartment could be described as "Canadiana". That's normal, isn't it? I guess when I moved south I began to appreciate those Canadian things to an extent that I liked to have reminders around the home. I mean, I assume when my mother moved from Australia to England as a young lady, her apartment looked just like Keitha's in Flight of the Conchords.


However, recently my mother described my apartment as "an ode to the melting Canadian arctic". Hm, I don't know where she got that impression. I do have a Hudson Bay point blanket, sure.

I could have made my bed properly for this photo, but it was right after I burned the shiz out of my finger again.
And sure, I do have this Twenty Northern Friends poster from Banquet.

Photo from Banquet
And, recently I inherited a selection of Inuit art from an aunt who also had an appreciation for the north.

Ok, maybe it is an ode to the Canadian north. But, it's not too much, is it? Maybe I should let H. put up some English things to balance it out.


  1. What sort of English things would you put up? A package of scampi crisps? A can of Heinz beans or mushy peas? Just kidding.... I like your Canadian touches... I had a few in Belfast but not many that it stood out. I am hoping to procure some Irish art to bring back to Canada soon...

    1. Heh, I'm sure someone somewhere has created a Warhol-esque Heinz Baked Beans print!


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