Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Plans

Obviously my #1 goal for 2012 is to take many more photos of my cat.

However, I do have some other things that I'm hoping to accomplish as well.

Learn More Stuff.

My learning goals are part professional, part personal.

I recently bought a membership to 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. To get my money's worth, I've told myself that I have to take at least four classes - and I've already signed up for one! Starting in early January I'll be taking an HTML/CSS class. I'm lumping the HTML/CSS into a personal and professional goal, since it's something useful for both my lives. The other classes that I'm hoping to take, like intro to upholstery, printmaking, and more sewing, are purely personal.

On the professional side of learning, I'm planning to enroll in some of NYU's courses with the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, specifically in Digital Marketing. If all goes according to plan, by the end of 2012 I'll have a nice certificate to add to my resume, that will hopefully lead me somewhere good in my career. These courses cost roughly a billion dollars. Maybe not a billion, but a pretty penny, so completing this by the end of 2012 might be a lofty goal.

Be More Good.

Remember how I'm supposed to save money? Yeah, I need to get back on that so that I can continue to fantasize about filling my own home with furniture. This time of year totally sucks for saving pennies, so I can't be too hard on myself, but for realz: more money in the piggy bank.

Finish Reading the GG's 

Gracious me, am I ever ready to move on past this project, which is now 18 months in the making. With 20.5 books to go, I am determined to get through these this year. Even though one of them seems to be impossible to find anywhere. But I am determined!

You know what though? Because lists are much more fun to read and cross out when accomplished, here's a list of 2012 goals. Yikes!

Personal Learning Goals:
Intro to HTML/CSS
Intro to Upholstery
Mystery Class #3 (printmaking?)
Mystery Class #4 (more sewing?)

NYU SCPS Goals (sorry, boring stuff):
Digital Strategy: Creating Synergy in Your Marketing Program
Web Analytics: Integrating Website and E-mail Data for Effective Digital Marketing Programs
Strategic Search Engine Marketing Campaign Planning and Execution
E-mail marketing: Integrating Social Media and Mobile marketing for Optimal Campaign Results
Advanced Social Media Marketing
Developing Online Promotions That Get Results
Data Analytics, Interpretation and Reporting

The GGs:
Bertram Brooker, Think of the Earth
Laura Salverson, The Dark Weaver
Ringuet, Thirty Acres
Winifred Bambrick, Continental Revue
Hugh MacLennan, The Precipice
Germaine Guèvremont, The Outlander
Morley Callaghan, The Loved and the Lost
David Walker, The Pillar
Lionel Shapiro, The Sixth of June
Adele Wiseman, The Sacrifice
Colin McDougall, Execution
Malcolm Lowry, Hear Us O Lord from Heaven Thy Dwelling Place
Hugh Garner, Hugh Garner's Best Stories
Douglas LePan, The Deserter
Robert Kroetsch, The Studhorse Man
Dave Godfrey, The New Ancestors
Brian Moore, The Great Victorian Collection
Jack Hodgins, The Resurrection of Joseph Bourne
Leon Rooke, Shakespeare's Dog
Josef Skvorecky, The Engineer of Human Souls
Guy Vanderhaeghe, The Englishman's Boy
Patrick DeWitt, The Sisters Brothers

Misc. Goals:
Get new glasses
Get a haircut, sooner rather than later
Save money. Lots.
Secret goal (tba at a later date).
Southwest road trip!
Go to the cottage this summer, or suffer

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Presents

You'll remember that my goal for the last year was to learn how to sew. And you'll note that I enrolled in a class, and made some fancy pajamas and a change purse.

Well, what good is learning something if you're not going to keep it up? No good, that's what. And with that, I introduce you to my Christmas present!

Thanks, Dad!

Luckily I remembered how to load my bobbin, and also how to thread the needle. So, I'm pretty advanced. And then we ran to Ikea to get a table and some cheap fabric for me to work on. And now I'm ready to roll.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wrapped Up

My Christmas had a lot of this.

Quite a bit of this as well.

And some weird-y stuff, like so.

Even though I'm not a resolution-maker, I am making a list of stuff to get done in 2012, which I hope to share with you soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Festive Decorating

H. and I don't do any seasonal or holiday decorating. Our apartment looks the same on Christmas, as it does at Thanksgiving, Canada Day, Fourth of July and Halloween (we don't get trick or treaters). Every day, it's the same, just messy or not messy.

This year is different! We got a Christmas "tree"!

Or, rather, a Christmas Shrub.

I also finished my wreath! Here it is in the glowing fluorescent light of the hallway.

Remember how I ran out of balls? Well, I wrote to the ball-seller about when they might receive more stock, and they never responded. Sad face. For them, because that's not very nice customer service! So, I went and ordered balls from a different ball-seller. And, truthfully, you can say it: they are kind of a different color.

But I don't care! I have a wreath for Christmas, and this Christmas wreath has a piece of me, since I burnt my finger and left some burny finger cells on it. So, we're together forever now. Me and my wreath.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ode to the Canadian North

I've said before the the aesthetic of my apartment could be described as "Canadiana". That's normal, isn't it? I guess when I moved south I began to appreciate those Canadian things to an extent that I liked to have reminders around the home. I mean, I assume when my mother moved from Australia to England as a young lady, her apartment looked just like Keitha's in Flight of the Conchords.


However, recently my mother described my apartment as "an ode to the melting Canadian arctic". Hm, I don't know where she got that impression. I do have a Hudson Bay point blanket, sure.

I could have made my bed properly for this photo, but it was right after I burned the shiz out of my finger again.
And sure, I do have this Twenty Northern Friends poster from Banquet.

Photo from Banquet
And, recently I inherited a selection of Inuit art from an aunt who also had an appreciation for the north.

Ok, maybe it is an ode to the Canadian north. But, it's not too much, is it? Maybe I should let H. put up some English things to balance it out.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I made something! Almost.

Hello from Washington, DC where I am attending a conference. Here I am in the nation's capital in a big hotel where there is NO reception for your cellular telephone, even if it has the 3Gs. Crud.

Anyhou. Last year I was reading the weblogs on the internet, as I am prone to do, and I spotted something crafty that I immediately knew I had to make. As you know, I'm not so crafty, but this item really floats my boat.

Felted wool wreath from Pickles
So colorful and jolly!

So, I ordered up a 14-inch straw wreath, and 200 felted wool balls and I made this:

Hm. Mine looks different. Hard to place my finger on it... Oh, shiz man, I do not have enough balls. But the balls I've got look pretty good, right?

So, I tried to buy more balls from the purveyor of fine balls, but they are out of appropriate balls. Crap. They haven't told me when they will have more balls. My wreath may not be finished before Christmas! I may have a Lent wreath instead of Christmas wreath. How tacky.

Further to my wreathing/balls woes, I burned the shizzles out of my finger tip on the glue gun. Here's a bad photo of what's currently happening on my paw:

I've also highlighted, for your interest, the KING SIZE evidence of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup massacre that just happened here in my hotel room.

Well, I tried. Some day my balls will come and I WILL finish it.
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