Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thirty Bucks

I'm just going to pretend like I have been posting the last 2 weeks, and get right to the point.

So, I bought this chair at my favorite local junk shop for $30.

Not too shabby, eh? You'll recall that I've built quite a little collection of chairs from this little junk shop:

Anyhou. I have a bit of a crazy idea for my new chair. Last week Design Sponge had an article on how to make your own box cushion. Now that I'm a sewing master (ha!), I'm going to try and make new cushions for my new chair myself. Egads! Just moments ago I did totally eff up a tote bag, so this could be a disaster - but I figure for a $30 chair I can't screw it up too bad. Yes? Yes!

** P.S. sorry for the long silence these past two weeks. I suck.


  1. That chair certainly has potential, and for $30 you can't go wrong! It shouldn't be too hard to recover these cushions (unless the foam is in really rough shape), good luck :)

  2. The foam is actually in really good shape - like new, almost. Now I just have to get around to actually doing the work!


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