Sunday, April 22, 2012

Things I Did This Weekend to Avoid Doing My Homework

I used to think that if I were to go back to school now I would be a much better student. I wouldn't procrastinate, and I would try harder. Well, since I'm now taking classes again I can say that I was wrong. I still procrastinate. Bad. Real bad.

In an effort to avoid doing my homework this weekend I did many things. First, I cleaned my apartment top to bottom. I mean all of it. I now have the cleanest top of the fridge, grout, and under-sinks in all of Brooklyn.

Next, I took a couple naps.

I also had brunch.

And I did this:

I mean, it went like this:

Take one junk shop chair that I bought in January.
And then I got some fabric. Some impossible to find fabric, I'll add.
"Patricia" fabric from Ikea
Even though the useless stock tool on the Ikea website said it was in stock at the Brooklyn Ikea, it lied. Two times I went, and there was none. So, when I was in Toronto last month, I went to the Ikea in North York, because the stock tool said it was in stock. Unfortunately, there was only about a metre in stock - but I bought it anyway. In the end I had to buy the fabric on eBay because it was unavailable pretty much everywhere.

Anyway. Then I began some sewing, and pinning.

Test drive.

And finally:

Cat approval:

And then I did my homework. In retrospect, it was a pretty productive weekend.

Friday, April 6, 2012


H. and I have this ongoing joke about giving each other credit for things. For example, I get credit for making our apartment beautiful. He gets credit for... well I'll get back to you on that.

That's pretty much the whole joke. Are you laughing your pants off?

But to be fair, he was the one who found one of our favorite chairs in the local junk shop.

So he gets credit for that.

And I'm going to give him credit for something new. While I was in California this past week, he went to the NYC Department of City Planning Map & Bookstore, and picked up these fab giant maps for about $3 each.

NYC Historical Development 1625-1988

I love maps. In a previous life (or maybe in a future life) I was/will be a cartographer.

These babies are HUGE, and for $3 they are a deal. So, kudos to H. for knowing to buy these giant cheapies!

Now, how or where we will hang these is a different matter altogether.

UPDATE: To be fair and true, some credit goes to Ally Jane  who didn't want to walk to the bookstore alone and guided H. to the map store.
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