Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Weekenders

On Friday we loaded up the (rental) car with cat and dirty laundry for a weekend in Bethlehem, PA. Possibly you have never heard of Bethlehem, unless you are 1) savvy on the history of steel in America 2) A Moravian history buff or 3) a huge fan of JTT

Leaving the city.
You may even know that H. and I sneak off to Bethlehem with some regularity. What is my connection, besides being an expert on steel in America? Well, I was born there. Truth! I lived there as a youth, before my parents moved to Toronto in 1988.
That's our old house!
But you thought I was Canadian? Well, I am that too. I spent most of my youngsterdom in Toronto, and consider it my hometown. But I'm also American, which is why it was so easy for me to decide to come to the US when I graduated from university. It's all clear now, yes?

My best friend since age 3 (that's 30 years, if you're counting) still has a base in Bethlehem, which means we have a bed there for trips out of the city.

How cute? And we still like each other, usually.
Anyway, this is a lead-up to say we had a nice weekend away from the city. Besides some unsuccessful thrifting (promising leads, disappointing finds), there was a whole lot of sitting around, which is just what the doctor ordered.

And just a little bit of walking around.

Here's hoping we get a few more trips to PA before the end of summer!


  1. Am I crazy in thinking one might also know about Bethlehem as a result of an undying passion for everything Jonathan Frakes?

    1. Not crazy at all - and I thought about using that example of Bethlehem celebrity, but something told me that JTT's fans were rabid enough to know the details of his birth, more than Riker's.

  2. Um, I will speak to the JTT contingent. I was a CRAYZAY fan and had pictures of him on my wall (ripped from the pages of TigerBeat) that I used to kiss goodnight and yes, I know where Bethlehem, PA is. And yes, that is the only reason why. And yes, I can tell you his birthday is September 8th and he once had a cat named Simba without clicking on that Wiki link.


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