Sunday, July 8, 2012

giving eggplants another shot

Last week we had some friends over, and we made them bring their own food. Because that's how we roll!

Everything was delicious, but I was particularly enamored with what Ally Jane brought, Israeli couscous with roasted vegetables. Why so impressed? Her eggplants were delicious. So I wrote to her the next day:
I particularly enjoyed your couscous and vegetables, so I would like to know what exactly you did to those veggies to make eggplant palatable! I must know!
Well, Ally Jane has a blog, Kitchen Princess because she is a foodie person, so I should have known that her easy recipe was available, because that is where she pointed me. This week for lunch we'll be enjoying her roasted veggies and couscous.

From this giant eggplant.

And an update on my last post, in particular about those 3rd Ward classes: earlier this week I signed up for a screen printing intensive at the end of August. Hooray. I'm gonna print some shiz.

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