Monday, July 16, 2012

stop me if you've heard this one before

I've mentioned before how much I miss visiting the family cottage, and how I wish I could get there more often. It's been three years since our last visit, and one of my goals for 2012 was to get there. I'm happy to say we've booked our flights, rented a car, and I expect to have my toes in that lake by 3pm Sunday, August 12.

See you soon, honey.
And I've mentioned before that H. and I have long been thinking about buying a place to live. Maybe in the 'burbs, or maybe in the city. So hard to decide. We're city folk with a fear of the suburbs, but we yearn for space - maybe even a yard?! So, thinking about these needs, and thinking about beloved cottage, I started thinking about a weekend home. Am I crazy? Probably. In fact I asked a friend to rate me, on a scale one 1 (not crazy) to 10 (crazy), and she gave me a 7. That's how crazy this weekend home idea is.

But just think, we could remain Brooklyn people, and then on the weekends we could hightail it out of here and go to our quiet weekend home. Crunching some numbers, and tightening our belts, we could just about swing this.

I've been admiring a few little cabins up around the Catskills.

Cute yella fella, Shandaken, NY via
Yellow has has awesome insides too.
Looks cottagey, in Shandaken, NY
Izzy and I could cuddle by the fireplace in this one in Claryville, NY.
This is the kitchen on a fixer-upper in Arkville, NY - I just like this photo
Of course, if we had a weekend house, we'd have to buy a car - and that would add to the cost of this little daydream. But if it ever happens, you're all invited to the barbecue!


  1. I kind of love this dream....

  2. Real estate magic. Great picks. Now I want them all.

  3. Perhaps I'm crazy too, but I rate this idea as NOT CRAZY. In fact, I would rate it AMAZINGLY AWESOME. (What number is that on the scale?)


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