Sunday, August 26, 2012

Behind the Screen

Yesterday I spent the day in an Intensive Screen Printing Class at 3rd Ward, and it was awesome. It was actually a bit more complicated than I had imagined, and it might be harder to do this in my apartment than I would like, but hopefully I'll manage it at some point. It would be perfect if one had a basement or garage. So, I need to get on that.

This was the image I chose. If you've been to the UK you might recognize this as the "elderly people crossing" road sign. You might think this is a weird choice. I chose this because it makes me laugh - doesn't it look like the old lady is goosing the old fellow? That's what it looks like to me. Dirty old broad.

We were asked to bring a high contrast black and white image, and I wanted something pretty basic.

This class only covered one-color printing. Multicolor is more complicated, but the instructor said she was thinking about offering a level 2 course for multicolor prints. If they had it, I would be so in.

The process that we did cover involves some scary-sounding chemicals to treat your screen, some drying, some clamp lights, some cleaning, and then some more drying, as above.

The fun begins when the printing starts.

Paper is fun, but t-shirts are more fun.


Anyway, it was good fun, and another strike from my Get 'er Done List. Go me.

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