Wednesday, September 26, 2012


In the 19 days since we last spoke, what have I been up to? Oh, nothing much. I have some things brewing, I've had some friends visiting, I've been working on some things.

I was going to post about my successful closet organization, but I told myself do not be that person. I told myself that my organized closets were not interesting. Do not show your closets, I told myself. I mean, they do not look like this:

Via Martha Stewart, of course.
 Or this.

Via Style at Home
No, they used to look like this:

And now they look like this:

And oh good lord, I just showed strangers on the internet my closets. Crud. My mom just rolled her eyes.

Anyway, does that explain my 19 day absence? Closet organization? Well, if not, I also organized some vacation snaps.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My weekend house!

No, I didn't buy a weekend house. Yet. But yesterday I emailed H. to let him know that I have found our weekend house. Just a little shack in the Catskills.

This little 5 bedroom number is going for just $144k. I'd say that's a good deal for my weekend home, right? It needs some work, sure. But, look at those wide-plank floors.

I like the cut of your jib, floors.

I also like the description. One thing in particular stood out:

Pristine Antique Victorian! Very spacious with 3 finished floors of various rooms. Seasonal mountain views and just across the road from the Esopus. Many original features with charm. Large wrap front porch and covered side porch outside the kitchen. Blue stone walk and patio. Old carriage house with two seat out house intact. Carriage house used as garage.
Did you catch it? "Old carriage house with two seat out house intact." Two seater outhouse! Just like grandma used to have! 

Well, I was sold. But my mom is a kill-joy. She thinks it will be expensive to heat in winter, or too expensive to heat for a weekend home. Humpf. 

Maybe something a bit smaller? Maybe this one?

This is a little smaller - just 4 bedrooms. And just $85k. Deal! Done and done. And this porch?

THAT is a porch. That's a sittin' porch. 

Now I'm just working on convincing H. that this is (yet another) of my brilliant ideas. For some reason battling Friday night traffic upstate with a scared cat each weekend hasn't won him. YET. He also believes that I could make myself crazy furnishing my weekend house. He might be right on that one. But I think he just needs to think about that porch for a little while.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Update

H. and I have enjoyed an unexpected long weekend. I was supposed to be in New Orleans for work, but as some of you may have heard there was a little hurricane there, so the trip was cancelled. You won't see me crying though - I've worked this same conference the past three years in a row, so I was happy for nature's help in arranging a weekend at home.

What does one do when one unexpectedly has a long weekend? Well, we had a nice lunch date, watched Goldfinger, cleaned the apartment, talked to the cat, napped, and went on a little 11 mile hike.

And, hey, if you're reading this via a reader, and are interested in a snoop around - I've added an apartment tour to the blog. Check it out.
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