Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thar she blows


H. and Izzy and I are just fine, thanks for asking. We have been wearing pajamas for a little too long, and the cat has had a few too many treats, and I've had a few too many Fudgsicles.

Was that part of your hurricane prep?

Our neighborhood is in a higher elevation than much of Brooklyn, so we were safe from the flooding. Also, for once the dearth of trees in this part of town was a benefit, because on brief glance there don't seem to be a lot of downed trees or branches.

It was harrowing, at times. The wind was amazing and scary. We watching the flooding in other parts of the city with shock. The lights flickered, but the internet stayed strong! The cat, usually such a wimp, was completely unfazed.


We're off work today, again, and who knows when we'll be back. Subways are looking pretty grim at the moment, and we don't have a car (or even bikes). So, for now, we're just waiting. So over hurricanes.

Now on to the next hot thing to be afraid of: the election. Yikes!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you fared okay! Some of the pictures of NY have been unbelievable! Hope everything gets back to somewhat normal soon :)


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