Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tchotcke'd is totally a verb now

H. has a system of dividing responsibilities, or maybe it's expertise, that he calls "baskets". So, for example, shopping is my basket, even if we're shopping for him. This means I have to make the plan and lead the way. Movies are his basket, which means, I don't know, that he controls the Netflix queue and puts all my movies at #436. It doesn't really make any sense to anyone but him, this basket system.

Furniture is my basket. I accept this because it means I make the furniture decisions that keep hideous things out of our lovely apartment. Records are his basket because I don't want anything to do with them. Anyway, where was I going with this?

Oh, back in July I mentioned that we were looking everywhere for a record cabinet for H's increasing collection of vinyl records. And then, finally, we found one! On eBay!

There's a part of me that always thinks "paint it!" when I see that faux bamboo, but this is actually quite a nice chunk of wood so we won't be painting it.

First things first, the Investigator had to take a good look at it.

Once it was approved by the dauphin, it was ready to be filled and tchotchke'd.


It meant a little rearranging, because we used to have a floor lamp and a magazine rack in that spot:

like so
But we've just moved those, like so.

ta da!
Anyway, H. thinks I'm "spoiled" because I got new furniture, and furniture is my basket. I think he's spoiled, because we wouldn't have needed it if it didn't have records. Obviously I'm right.


  1. Of course you're right, but your basket is SO much better than his :)
    I like that you kept it unpainted - I think people rush to paint wood furniture

  2. Love the little vignette on the side table. Where did you get that lamp and bust? Adore.


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