Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wherein I blame the hurricane

With about 6 weeks or so left in the year, it becomes apparent that I will not reach all of my 2012 goals. One goal, specifically, is reading the last of the Governor General award winners.

I started reading these in July 2010, and I had hoped to be done with them at the end of this year. But I won't, and I'm just going to go ahead and blame Hurricane Sandy.


I do most of my reading on the subway going to and from work. In fact, H. and I usually take the local (read: slow) train just so we can have some time to read. And also because we're lazy and want to sit. However, that train is still not back to normal, and isn't traveling into Manhattan from Brooklyn yet. So, we're forced to take the express train, and there are no seats, and it is packed like sardines, and no reading can be done.

all posts need photos.
I had seven more books to read before the end of the year. Today they announced the 2012 winners, so now I actually have 8 more to read. But I've been stuck on Hugh MacLennan's The Precipice for about a month now. Ugh! I'm so ashamed!

Adding to the shame, in the week I was home when my office was closed due to the blackout in Manhattan, when I couldn't even do work because our servers were all down, I did not read a single page. Looking back, I'm not even sure what I did that week. I stared into space, I think? I did some online shopping? Shame, shame, shame.

Poor tree, stupid hurricane

If I were to really push hard, it is possible that I could get through these last 8 books before December 31. I only have about 30 more pages in The Precipice, and I can probably finish it tonight if I stop watching Friday Night Lights. But next week H. and I head to London for 10 days to see the family, and I'm not going to read when there. I will be cooing over our new niece, doing some shopping, and eating Dairy Milks.

Anyway, I just thought it best to come clean to you, since I know you were counting on me to finish those damn books before the end of 2012. Oh well.

Izzy is mad!

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