Thursday, January 24, 2013


Sometimes I get down on myself, and think I should write on my blog more. But then I wonder - can you even handle that many more photos of my cat?

The answer is no. No, you cannot. 

Anyhou. This past weekend I embarked on a little project for the little creature I'm brewing. Using some gorgeous Tana Lawn Capal fabric from Liberty of London. 

It's a beaut!

Would you like to hear a story about another baby blanket? Ok. Many years ago, before my older brother Tom was born, my mom knitted him a baby blanket. Aw. This was Tom's blankie, and he loved it. By the time I knew that blanket, it was grey, however I learned that when it was made it was actually yellow. 

Tom loved that blankie, and took it everywhere, and slept with it, and did what kids do with blankies. And that blankie was disgusting. The smell of that thing - of dirt, and barf, and kid, and who knows what horrors  - was repulsive. It would make you sick to sniff it.

Now, Tom is a grown up, late 30s, has a child of his own. And you know what? He still has that damn blankie. Sometimes I see photos of my nephew, and that blankie is nearby. Ew. Anyway, the point is that kids love their blankies.

I wanted to make something easy, and wasn't up for something as time-consuming as the last baby blanket I made.

So I went the easy route, of wholecloth. The body was easy, at least. I royally screwed up the border, though.

My understanding is that the baby won't mind, though. And if he ever asks, I will say it is in the naif style. 
 One day, blankie, you too will be grey and stinky.

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  1. My other half still has his blankie. I fidn it weird. And gross. At least it's jammed up on the top shelf of his closet.


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