Monday, March 11, 2013

And then I made something

For Christmas I asked for and received (thanks, Mom!) this elephant march fabric from Spoonflower:

Izzy models the fabric.
I had a vision for the nursery: make a window bench out of an Ikea Expedit bookshelf, some fabric and some foam.

One Saturday afternoon, against our better judgement, but fortified with pancakes, we went to Ikea. Ikea on a Saturday afternoon - I know, crazy. Stupid, even. But we got our Expedit.

On another afternoon we went to your friendly neighborhood foam and rubber store to buy some custom-cut foam. I didn't take any photos of the foam, because it wasn't that interesting. The foam and rubber store, however, was fascinating. It was a place where I wanted to touch everything, and didn't know what you would do with anything. But I kept my grubby hands to myself, got my foam and left.

Just to make things more difficult for myself, I decided my cushion would need welting cord (fanciness) and a zipper (for washability).

In progress.
After my chairs last year, welting cord is easy. But give me a zipper - a 72" zipper no less - and I panic.

Accidentally ordered beige. Didn't care.
But I faced my fears, and while it wasn't pretty, I sewed that sucker in there. And before I knew it I had a bench with a cushion.

And it's Izzy-approved!



  1. What a creative use of the Expedit. Love this! Highly impressed by the welting and that mega-zipper. Also, of all the animals, elephants are the best for babies. That is just a fact.

    1. Thanks, dude. I forgot to mention that I broke two needles and ran out of thread in the middle, so many curses were had.

  2. A foam and rubber store?! I want. We're stuck getting foam from Fabricland, which is brutally expensive for not custom sized foam.

    1. They even had different kinds of foam, so you could choose for your comfort level! My comfort level was "cheap".

  3. Great job, Habs! This is lovely. I'm a big fan of elephants, even though they can be a bit dickish in real life.


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