Saturday, March 9, 2013

And then I wrote nothing for over a month

Whoops! But I did have a February.And I did things. I did some traveling things.

First, as a birthday trip we went down to the Carolinas to visit the world's best one-eyed cat.

Any idea how to steal your friends' cat? Because I love this guy.

We took a 10-hour (read: 11- hour, thanks Amtrak) train down to Greensboro, due to the Blizzardpocolypse of February '13 that cancelled our flight. What do you do on 11-hour train journeys? Read, watch The West Wing, and obviously eat all your snacks in the first hour.

As an aside, did you know that if you take an extra long Amtrak journey and make a reservation in the dining car (not the cafe car, the dining car), that you are seated with strangers? If I had known this, I probably would have stuck with my trail mix, because I am anti-social and afraid of strangers. However our dinner companion - Bill (I think?) was an interesting guy. A southerner, whose family has been in the US since 1720! At the end of our meal he told us how on his last train trip, his dinner companion in the dining car dropped dead at the end of the meal. 

Well, anyhou, it wasn't a bad trip at all - just long. After a quick night in G'boro we packed into a minivan with friends and headed to Asheville to visit the Biltmore Estate. There, we asked such important questions as, "Is this bigger than Downton Abbey?" (it is!)

After a night in Asheville, we packed up again and went to Greenville, SC where our friend has recently opened a new art gallery, Gallery 17 (go, if you're in town!).

From there, we went to beautiful Charleston.

We took in some Civil War history (well, H. did. I took in some cookies and a lot of french fries), spent the night and headed back to Greensboro to celebrate my birthday with Greek food and a trip to Target. A real Target! Not our crappy Brooklyn one.

What else happened in February? Well, I grew bigger.

No head, but deodorant marks clearly seen!
And then I went to England. For work, so I wasn't taking pictures or having lots of fun or anything like that. Mostly I worked and ate Dairy Milk bars, and picked up this little t-shirt for the baby.

 And then it was March, and here we are.

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