Saturday, April 27, 2013

Random Things (3)

This is Miles.

Well, not Miles himself, but a portrait of Miles by my brother Tom. Miles is my parents' cat. His full name is Miles "Burritos" Davis Cox. Don't ask.

I love this portrait of Miles because it captures his look of disdain and violence. But that look is deceiving, because Miles is very cuddly. In fact, he is an aggressive cuddler - when he wants you to love him, he will threaten you with claws in your face until you pay attention. Then he will situate himself on or near your head so you can adore him. He knows what he wants. But he looks tough.

The man himself.

We got Miles when he was a couple weeks old, and I was 18. He needed to be bottle fed because he was so young, and I woke up every hour in the night to feed him. And he is an ungrateful little bastard about it.

Until recently, Miles had a sabre tooth that stuck out of his mouth, which made him a big pimp. Unfortunately, it had to be removed and my parents, who are cruel, refused to replace it with a gold tooth as I had recommended.

You may have noticed that the portrait of Miles is quite good, by someone pretty talented. So, here is a bonus, another illustration by my brother: a beaver typing at a typewriter.

Think about that for a minute.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Vision complete

So, I think we are done with the nursery. Just one thing missing...

I could have straightened the rug. But, no.
What's missing? Well, it's not the chair that was in the original vision.

Clare chair from Macy's

No, we decided against the awesome blue chair because there's not really enough room. I still covet that chair though.

But it seems like we have everything else. Prints? check. Furniture? Check. Book ledges? Check.

From The Black Apple on Etsy

It looks like we have everything, except the baby. Well, the human baby at least, we already have Mr. Isambard K. Naqvi, Esq., cat baby.

Look what I did to your couch, and you still love me.
For the next 5 weeks until baby is expected (not a day late or a day early, buddy), we're just going to practice parenthood by pushing this bear around in a stroller like crazy people. Because the cat won't let us put him in it.

This is what normal people do, right?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Things (2)

Before he retired, my father traveled a lot for work. When I was a young'un, he would even bring me back some little trinket from his travels. I still have a few of those little souvenirs, including these guys.

I seem to remember that this papier mache cat came from Turkey, although I could be wrong. It was one of the last things he brought back for me, so maybe I was a pre-teen or something.

This brass vermin came from India, and is probably one of the oldest such souvenirs that I have. He also brought one back for my best friend, and she still has it. It's smaller than mine, rightly since she's just some other kid, and not his child.

Sometimes I hold this little brass mouse in my hand, and I think it would make a handy little weapon. Like carrying a roll of pennies or something. I think I could give someone a shiner.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random things (1)

I always enjoy reading about the random things people have around their house. Really, I do! So, I'm going to share some random things, because I don't really have much else to say lately.

So, here is something I would like to share with you. It's my creepy old lady/little girl print.

That is a terrible photo. So, here's a better one.

When I was a kid, this lady/child was hanging in our dining room. And I would stare at her and think about her. Primarily:

* Is she old or young?
* Is that a giant wine glass, or is she tiny?
* what is that weird necklace she's wearing?

But the most alarming question came when my mom pointed out that her arms are so short that she wouldn't be able to wipe herself if she went to the bathroom. And now that is the number one thing I think about when I look at her. 

Anyway, when I left home, I had to take her with me. Yes, she is kind of scary, but I needed to see her and think about her more. 

I never knew anything about her though, so I set about finding out. There was nothing on the picture to indicate who she was or where she came from. So, through some expert Googling of phrases like "giant wine glass of strawberries", "short-armed girl painting" and "old lady with giant wine glass painting" I was able to find her!

I found this article from 1988, which identified the artist as Joshua Johnson and the painting as ''Little Girl in Pink With a Goblet Filled With Strawberries''. The article addresses some of my questions - even about the weird necklace! Turns out it's a freaky little girl, not a freaky old lady.
Now she lives with me, hanging over my head as I sleep, and creeping out my visitors when I show her to them. Well done, freaky girl. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I recently completed something that should have been number one on my Get 'er Done List: I went to my last conference. For a long while, at least.

As part of my job, I attend a lot of conferences. At first it was fun, I got to travel to exciting places like suburban Baltimore, or central Atlanta (sarcasm). But no, really, I did enjoy traveling to conferences for the first few years. But believe me when I say that it is tiring to fake-smile all day, for days and days on end.

But I'm done, for who knows how long. At 32 weeks pregs, maybe I should have been done sooner. But this one was small, and in Toronto, so I was ok with the travel. And it wasn't so bad. It was in a nice location, at the Royal York:

Better than a dingy chain hotel basement room.
Here's an unrelated story. Back in high school, for OAC (remember those) Canada in a North American Perspective class, I attended some history thing in this room. What the point was, I don't quite remember. It was about Canadian history. It was swanky. And at the end we were given a video of all the Canadian Heritage minute ads. Remember those? Many of you won't, and you're missing out, but I'm happy to say they are all online so catch up on all your Canadian history right here. If you're overwhelmed by the Canadian history, let me direct you to some highlights:

And the best once, called Wilder Penfield, but better remembered as "I smell burnt toast."

Anyway, I just got really sucked into those videos again. 

BUT, my point was, the last conference. And the last travel before baby. And some last minute time in Toronto, where I, like everyone else with a blog, attended the One of a Kind Show.

I texted H. afterwards to tell him what I was up to, and he replied, "Did you buy any junk?" For the record, I never buy junk. I only buy treasures. And I bought one, small treasure, which was this porcelain jar from Heyday Designs:

There were many beautiful things, but I have so few dollars. So very few.
After 3 days in the 416, my conference was over, and I came home to a package of dried fruit, knitted goods and some fine art from a thoughtful soul in the K-W.

My baby, on his first dinosaur ride. Take note of the dinosaur's organs. Magnificent.
Thanks Katherine and Iain!
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