Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I recently completed something that should have been number one on my Get 'er Done List: I went to my last conference. For a long while, at least.

As part of my job, I attend a lot of conferences. At first it was fun, I got to travel to exciting places like suburban Baltimore, or central Atlanta (sarcasm). But no, really, I did enjoy traveling to conferences for the first few years. But believe me when I say that it is tiring to fake-smile all day, for days and days on end.

But I'm done, for who knows how long. At 32 weeks pregs, maybe I should have been done sooner. But this one was small, and in Toronto, so I was ok with the travel. And it wasn't so bad. It was in a nice location, at the Royal York:

Better than a dingy chain hotel basement room.
Here's an unrelated story. Back in high school, for OAC (remember those) Canada in a North American Perspective class, I attended some history thing in this room. What the point was, I don't quite remember. It was about Canadian history. It was swanky. And at the end we were given a video of all the Canadian Heritage minute ads. Remember those? Many of you won't, and you're missing out, but I'm happy to say they are all online so catch up on all your Canadian history right here. If you're overwhelmed by the Canadian history, let me direct you to some highlights:

And the best once, called Wilder Penfield, but better remembered as "I smell burnt toast."

Anyway, I just got really sucked into those videos again. 

BUT, my point was, the last conference. And the last travel before baby. And some last minute time in Toronto, where I, like everyone else with a blog, attended the One of a Kind Show.

I texted H. afterwards to tell him what I was up to, and he replied, "Did you buy any junk?" For the record, I never buy junk. I only buy treasures. And I bought one, small treasure, which was this porcelain jar from Heyday Designs:

There were many beautiful things, but I have so few dollars. So very few.
After 3 days in the 416, my conference was over, and I came home to a package of dried fruit, knitted goods and some fine art from a thoughtful soul in the K-W.

My baby, on his first dinosaur ride. Take note of the dinosaur's organs. Magnificent.
Thanks Katherine and Iain!

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  1. Love your find! HOpe your next 8 weeks goes by fabulously!


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