Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random things (1)

I always enjoy reading about the random things people have around their house. Really, I do! So, I'm going to share some random things, because I don't really have much else to say lately.

So, here is something I would like to share with you. It's my creepy old lady/little girl print.

That is a terrible photo. So, here's a better one.

When I was a kid, this lady/child was hanging in our dining room. And I would stare at her and think about her. Primarily:

* Is she old or young?
* Is that a giant wine glass, or is she tiny?
* what is that weird necklace she's wearing?

But the most alarming question came when my mom pointed out that her arms are so short that she wouldn't be able to wipe herself if she went to the bathroom. And now that is the number one thing I think about when I look at her. 

Anyway, when I left home, I had to take her with me. Yes, she is kind of scary, but I needed to see her and think about her more. 

I never knew anything about her though, so I set about finding out. There was nothing on the picture to indicate who she was or where she came from. So, through some expert Googling of phrases like "giant wine glass of strawberries", "short-armed girl painting" and "old lady with giant wine glass painting" I was able to find her!

I found this article from 1988, which identified the artist as Joshua Johnson and the painting as ''Little Girl in Pink With a Goblet Filled With Strawberries''. The article addresses some of my questions - even about the weird necklace! Turns out it's a freaky little girl, not a freaky old lady.
Now she lives with me, hanging over my head as I sleep, and creeping out my visitors when I show her to them. Well done, freaky girl. 


  1. Nice! Glad you found out the title, it's so obvious that it made me laugh. I think I'm gonna like your random things.

    1. Ha, thanks! I think I have enough random tchotkes in my apartment to go on for years!

  2. I love the questions you used to ponder about her, and your mom's comment made me spit my drink out.

    1. My mom has artistic talent, so I think she notices things like that.


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