Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Things (2)

Before he retired, my father traveled a lot for work. When I was a young'un, he would even bring me back some little trinket from his travels. I still have a few of those little souvenirs, including these guys.

I seem to remember that this papier mache cat came from Turkey, although I could be wrong. It was one of the last things he brought back for me, so maybe I was a pre-teen or something.

This brass vermin came from India, and is probably one of the oldest such souvenirs that I have. He also brought one back for my best friend, and she still has it. It's smaller than mine, rightly since she's just some other kid, and not his child.

Sometimes I hold this little brass mouse in my hand, and I think it would make a handy little weapon. Like carrying a roll of pennies or something. I think I could give someone a shiner.

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